5 Ways to Make Your YouTube Videos Sound Better

Sound quality is as important as your video quality when you’re creating videos for your YouTube channel. Sound can make or break your video’s virality. Which is why it’s extremely important to invest time in perfecting your sound quality. Here are 5 ways to improve your video’s sound quality:

1) Replace your normal microphone with an external microphone

 If you’re using your device’s built-in microphone to record your sound, you might want to replace it with an external recording device. External devices like lavalier microphones dramatically improve your sound quality. Lavalier microphones are small mics that can be clipped onto your shirt collar. Since lavalier mics can be placed closer to your mouth, it enhances the sound clarity and minimizes background noises. You can buy popular mics like Rode Smart Lav Plus or inexpensive, yet efficient ones like Audio-Technica ATR-3350 on Amazon. You can also consider using other external recording devices like shotgun and boom microphones according to the environment you’re shooting in.

2) Remove background noises from your video using a sound editing software

After recording your video, just run it through a noise-removal filter using a sound editing software – this should only take you a few minutes. Filmora and Audacity are great editing software that let you remove background noises easily. And wala, you’ll have a video that sounds crisper than ever! 

3) Use YouTube’s Audio Library to find tracks for free 

Make the best use of YouTube’s Audio Library which gives you access to thousands of royalty-free music and sound effects. Most of them don’t require attribution and you’re free to use them as you like. You can filter your audio search by genre, mood, instrument and duration, and find the audio you’re looking for within seconds. 

4) Protect your microphone with a fur windscreen

Cover your microphone with fur that’s specially designed to reduce interferences caused due to excessive winds. The fur acts like a windscreen and creates dead air around the mic, cutting out wind whipping sounds and softening other unwanted thumps. You can find fur windscreens for small microphones like lavaliers or even for bigger microphones like shotguns at a low cost on Amazon. Or you can get creative and make your own fuzzy windscreens!

5) Upload videos in a suitable format 

Make sure that you upload videos in a file format that’s compatible with YouTube. If your video doesn’t adhere to YouTube’s specifications, it can compress your video and lower its sound quality. To ensure that your video is uploaded in the best format possible, export your video in its highest quality – better the video quality, better the sound.

For the final touch, just make sure you always test your audio before shooting your videos. Preplanning where you’re going to shoot and picking a quiet spot to record will go a long way in improving your overall sound quality. You’re now ready to give your viewers an impactful experience through your high-quality videos!

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