4 Ways To Market Your Videos When You Have 0 Subscribers

It can be a strenuous task to grow your YouTube channel when you have zero subscribers to start with. But rest assured, with consistent effort, you can see subscribers pour into your YouTube channel. All you have to do for starters is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Ytalk

Ytalk is a YouTube community that fosters a collaborative environment for creators to network, get their name out there and learn from others like-minds. You can participate in forums and answer questions on specialised topics like unique YouTube strategy advice, best video editing and recording software, pointers on branding, and other highly valuable information. By taking part in discussions, you can set yourself apart as a YouTube thought leader. Ytalk also has open threads where people publish news related to any collaborations and meet-ups that are being hosted. 

  1. Comment on other YouTuber’s videos

Check out popular videos that are trending on YouTube and make it a point to leave your thoughts and opinions on these videos. Rather than leaving a generic comment like “Hey, cool video”, leave a genuine response that shows that you’ve taken the time and effort to watch the whole video. Dive into specifics and tell them why you love their video. For example, say “Hey, I love the positive message you’re sending out to the community. Your last scene is my favourite – it shows that you’re truly passionate about what you. Great job!”. Or you can also choose to leave a witty or humorous comment that stands out. 

  1. Send your audience to other YouTuber’s videos

This is a popular strategy YouTubers are using to expose their content to a new audience. Creators form collaborations and send their audience to each other’s channel to exchange their follower base. As you get to your video’s end screen, start off by talking about a bit about an interesting video you want your viewers to watch and how funny or shocking you found it. And then ask people to go watch that video and leave a comment on it saying that you sent them to watch it. For example, your viewers should leave a comment on that video saying – “xxx (your name) sent me here.” Make sure that the video you’re sending your viewers to watch is related to your channel’s theme or this strategy will not be effective. 

  1. Socialblade

Socialblade lets you compare your channel’s performance with other YouTube channels. This enables you to improve your channel based on the stats and analytics you can collect from Socialblade. If you’re tracking channels that are in your niche, you can incorporate strategies that these channels have been using to grow their audience. The Socialblade community dashboard also has voice chat rooms and text chat rooms where you can get answers to specific topics, market your videos, reach out to others in your niche and form new collaborations.

When you’re starting to grow your channel from scratch, you do have to put in that extra effort to push your YouTube videos to the market. But the beauty of it is when all your hard work pays off and you get to watch your subscriber list increase by the day. The satisfaction you get is like no other! 

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