What You Should Wear In Your YouTube Videos To Influence What People Think Of You

What you wear on camera can leave a lasting visual impression on your audience. According to the international bestseller book “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease, accessories play a powerful role in influencing what people think of you. There are secret signals you can use to elicit specific reactions from your viewers. Here are some special accessories you can carry along on screen, to control your image and hook your viewers onto every word you’re saying. 

  1. Carry a slim bag

Bulky bags could show that you’re disorganised and don’t get work done on time. Whereas slim bags are carried by people who stand higher up on the social-economic scale. People who carry slim bags look more sophisticated, put together and composed. 

  1. Leave your jacket unbuttoned

If you’re wearing a coat or shirt that has buttons on it, make sure you leave it unbuttoned. people agree to what you’re saying when your buttons are unfastened. This gesture denotes that you’re open and positive.

  1. Pop sunglasses over your head

Resting your sunglasses over your head makes it creates a ‘four eyed’ effect. It appears as if you have two big eyes with dilated pupils over your head. This effect can make you look cute, youthful and cool. It’s similar to the effect that babies with big eyes and dilated pupils have on people – they create a ‘I want to be cuddled’ effect.

  1. Pick the right lip shade

If you want to seem more business-like, go for nude and pastel lip shades. Brighter lip shades like reds and oranges can make you seem less serious about work. But if your content is related to the fashion industry, feel free to experiment with bright lip hues as they are associated with positivity and are great for selling female attractiveness. 

  1. Wear solid frame glasses

Glasses are worn by many power players and can make people look authoritative. If you want to appear more knowledgeable and intelligent, wearing solid frame glasses will leave a great first impression on your viewers. However, frameless glasses or over-the-top designer glasses can leave the opposite impact and make you look less sincere. Make sure that your glasses are anti-glare or it could reflect on the camera and block out your eyes.

  1. Choose the right clothes

The colour of your clothes should contrast with your background to help you stand out. Stay away from polka dots, plaid and stripes as they could create a motion effect on camera and make viewers feel nauseated. 

If you pick the right accessories, you can successfully persuade your viewers into catching on to whatever message you’re trying to convey. Your audience will subconsciously pick up the hidden cues in your accessories and associate you with a positive image. Now that you’ve unravelled the exciting path of secret signals, you can experiment with different accessories on screen and find the ones that work best for you!

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