5 Contests That Will Get You More Super Chats And Increase Your YouTube Income

Super Chat is a YouTube integration that shows up on the comment section during your live video stream. If your viewers want to directly interact with you on your live videos, they can pay and post a Super Chat. Super Chats are highlighted and shows up as a pinned comment on your live stream. To know more about how Super Chat can help you build a strong viewership and drastically increase your YouTube income, make sure you first read our blog post – Make More Money On YouTube Using Super Chat (insert internal blog post link). 

Basically, the more Super Chats your viewers send you, the more money you make. Here are some creative and super fun contests you can host on your live streams to get your Super Chats flowing:

1) Do a dare every time you get a Super Chat

Encourage people to give you challenges and say that you will complete a challenge each time someone sends a Super Chat. It can be as simple as eating a spoonful of super hot death sauce or something more dare-devilish, like throwing toilet paper on your neighbour’s house. 

2) Shoutout to people who send you a Super Chat on Instagram/Twitter 

Tell your viewers that if they send you a Super Chat, you will follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Also consider tagging them on your Instagram story as they may repost your story on their feed and introduce you to a whole new network.

3) Write your donors names on a wall of fame

Keep a wall of fame exclusively for people who send you a Super Chat. The wall of fame could be your bedroom wall or even a simple coffee where you can write your viewers’ names in a permanent marker. 

4) Reveal a new secret about yourself each time you get a Super Chat

Share a funny or embarrassing story about yourself when your viewers send you a Super Chat. Make a list of secrets you will be answering about yourself at the beginning of your video. This will spark people’s curiosity and have them craving to know more. For example, you could talk about why you broke up with your ex or reveal three people you secretly dislike. 

5) Use third-party tools

There are some really cool third-party tools like IFTTT that you can integrate with Super Chat. So each time you receive a Super Chat, one of your background lights blink, confetti streamers pop out or fog machines go off. 

If you generate enough buzz, Super Chat can be an invaluable tool in making more money on your YouTube channel. Make your games as unique and interactive as possible. Position Super Chats as an exclusive pass to be able to interact with you and people will be participating in no time.

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