What The Updated YouTube Terms of Service Means For Creators

YouTube is updating its Terms of Service and these new changes have left many YouTubers confused. The new policies will take effect on 10 December 2019  and we’re going to lay it down for you in simple terms. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Parental guidance for minors

YouTube has clearly mentioned the minimum age requirement per country for children using the platform. Minors must have parental permission to access YouTube or they can choose to access YouTube Kids without restriction. 

2. Clarity

The terms and services will be easier to read. The language and structure of how the document is laid out will undergo a change. There will be clearer instructions and links. This will give creators more insight into using YouTube and understanding how it works. 

3. YouTube can reuse your content

Though you still own your videos, YouTube has the right to repurpose your videos and use them for their own advertisements. If anything, you will get more exposure if your content is being repurposed by a global giant like YouTube. 

4. YouTube will still work the same

YouTube will not change how they work with creators, creator’s rights over their works, how videos are monetized. There will also be no changes to any YouTube features or YouTube settings. You don’t have to worry about your channel getting demonetized or deleted. 

5. Rights to video

Many YouTubers are worried that YouTube can delete accounts if they aren’t “commercially viable”. However, these could only apply to accounts that are using YouTube for storage purposes and saving videos in “private mode”. The new update gives more authority for creators to appeal to YouTube if the channel has been terminated by error. 

So there’s no reason to get worked up over the new Terms of Service. The update will only make YouTube’s intentions more transparent and cannot impact original creators. 

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