Which Shooting Style Should You Pick For Your YouTube Channel?

If you’re a novice at shooting videos, you don’t have to worry about the complexities too much. Shooting videos are fun, interesting and super easy. There are three main camera angles YouTubers use to shoot videos: wide shots, medium shots and close shots. You need to pick a shooting style that works best for your YouTube channel. A wide shot could work great for a travel vlogger but not so great for a makeup artist. So choose wisely. 

Wide shot

A wide shot captures your entire body and all the elements in the environment around you. Travel vloggers and dancers choose wide shots as they usually want to focus on multiple elements in the camera frame. Shoot your videos in a wide format when you want to lay emphasis on more than just yourself. 

Medium shot

Medium shots capture your body from the waist up. Make sure your hands are not cut off from the frame because your hand gestures are super important in conveying messages and keeping your audience hooked. Medium shots work well for pretty much all kinds of videos from interviews to educational tutorials.

Close shot

Close up shots are fantastic for makeup tutorials and storytelling videos which are more personal. It captures emotion up close and makes your video more relatable. 

Use a combination of shots

You can also choose to combine multiple shots in a single video. In this video, NikkieTutorials swiftly shifts between a mid shot to close up in her makeup tutorials.

Whichever type of shot you choose, just make sure you’re consistent with your shooting style across all your videos. Sticking to a single shooting pattern will strengthen your branding and help your audience remember you better.

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