Replicate These Trending Videos To Gain New Sponsors

Making YouTube videos based around trending topics is a surefire way to go viral. In this blog post, not only are we going to show you the hottest video trends in 2019, but also how you can replicate them to gain new sponsorship opportunities. Without further ado, here are 9 types of videos that are taking YouTube by storm.

1. Followers decide 

For this video, your subscribers get to influence your entire day. Run a poll and ask them what they want you to. From getting a tattoo, getting you to try exotic food or complete super hard exercise routines, your followers have complete control over you for a day. Or get your subscribers to pick a specific activity like “subscribers decide what I eat for a day”.

Sponsorship opportunities: You can strategically pick which tattoo parlours, restaurants, or gyms you want to visit. Have a little talk with the business managers of these venues and tell them you’re going to be shooting a video. Ask if they have specific products they want you to promote in your video. 

2. Morning and night time routine videos

Daily routine videos are classic and are not going out of trend anytime soon. Get into the nitty-gritty and show your followers how you start your day and end it. 

Sponsorship opportunities: This is a goldmine for beauty vloggers. You can showcase the products you use on an everyday basis and review them. These videos also let you highlight any apps you use, kitchen equipment, gym memberships and so on.

3. Primitive technology videos 

Primitive technology videos are all about throwing away technology and embracing survival skills. These videos take you into a time warp and show you how to build something using natural materials around you. Engaging in primal tasks will enable you to connect with nature and capture the raw beauty of the landscape around you. 

Sponsorship opportunities: Travel vloggers can seize this opportunity to showcase off-grid destinations. You can create videos on “how to build a hut in the wild”, “cooking fish in the forest” and show beautiful hideaways in your destination while you’re at it.

4. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos 

ASMR videos are rising to popularity by the day. YouTubers create relaxing sounds like whispering, eating, cooking and typing that help followers relax or fall asleep.

Sponsorship opportunities: ASMR videos attract mental health and wellness brands that are into meditation, stress relief and therapy. You can form new partnerships with these brands and approach them to sponsor your ASMR videos.

5. Reaction videos 

You’re more likely to go viral if you make a reaction video on a video that has just started to boom in the trending section. All you have to do is have a little box on your screen that’s playing the original video you want to react to, so that you can simultaneously react to it frame-by-frame. 

Sponsorship opportunities: You can create reaction videos on new product launches, brand advertisements and movie trailers that are just about to launch. Don’t forget to tag these brands on social media and add description links to the original video to make sure they see your video and consider partnership opportunities. 

6. Worst reviewed 

YouTubers are heading over to Yelp, Google Reviews, Zomato and other reviewing platforms to check out which restaurants, gyms or services have the worst reviews. They check out the venue themselves and review the customer service, ambience, food and products. 

Sponsorship opportunities: If you find that the business turns out to be better than what you expected, the marketing opportunities to partner with these businesses are limitless. 

7. Shopping haul videos

Shopping hauls let you put multiple brands in the spotlight at once. You can talk about what you like about the product, pros and cons of the price point and where they can buy the product.

Sponsorship opportunities: You can tie up with malls, designers, shopping outlets and online stores like eBay or Boohoo. Or you can directly approach labels like Victoria’s Secret and run shopping haul videos dedicated to that particular label. 

8. Tour my crib videos

Give your followers an inclusive glimpse into your personal life. Take them on a tour through your house and rummage through your closet, kitchen, backyard and other rooms. 

Sponsorship opportunities: Similar to the bedtime and nighttime routine videos, you get to show people what products you use on a daily basis and review them. 

9. Letting the person in front of me decide 

These videos are blowing up on YouTube this year. All you have to do is buy whatever the random person who’s in line just before you, is buying. For example, if you’re at a restaurant and the person before you has bought two cheeseburgers, you must buy the exact same food and eat it. 

Sponsorship opportunities: You get to try out multiple items on the menu and review them. These videos are not limited to just restaurants and food. YouTubers are taking it up a notch and heading to car showrooms and expensive designer stores.

These trending videos have collectively garnered over a billion views and YouTubers are making tons of money off them. Just replicate this content and sponsors will flock to your videos before you can say “I love YouTube”!

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