Watch Out For This YouTube Channel For Kids: Slay Teddies

YouTube channels for kids are growing to be the most viral content today. Children’s content is niche and we have only recently started to see a surge in the number of YouTubers in this space. The competition is relatively less and there is massive scope to gain virality. Leveraging this golden opportunity, Slay Teddies are a mother-daughter duo who are creating fun, entertaining videos to connect with families. 

Slay Teddies capture memorable moments in their everyday life that families can relate with. Their reactions are spontaneous and unscripted, which makes their audience fall in love with their genuine personality. 

They swear by the motivating quote: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. Slay Teddies are super passionate about what they do and they have a whole bunch of fun while they’re at it. Their energy reflects in their videos and makes their content all the more exciting and anything but boring.

Slay Teddies engage in simple yet fun budget activities like visiting a cat cafe, doing cool magic tricks, dubsmashing and taking photographs. They show that you don’t need to spend excessively on family outings to have a good time. 

They cover children’s shopping hauls, toy reviews, uncover surprise products at thrift stores and unbox presents. Slay Teddies pay attention to detail and cover the products they’re reviewing in detail, straight from the product description to getting a clear shot product picture. 

They also have their own Slay Teddies merchandise that includes cute water bottles, clothes, phone covers, watch bands, accessories and more. As a promotion strategy, they giveaway merchandise in some of their videos, a brilliant strategy to spread brand awareness and reel in new subscribers at the same time.

Slay Teddies aim to make their lovely channel a home away from home for viewers. Their humbling lifestyle, bright laughter and love for creating real content makes viewers feel like they are a part of a strong community and reliving their own memories with the family. Slay Teddies is definitely a YouTube channel to watch out for in the children’s space!

Check out the Slay Teddies YouTube channel: