Get Ready For Some Far Out Dude-Centric YouTube Videos With SO CAL OKIE

According to OpenSlate, gaming and sports-related videos are the two most-watched YouTube video categories that men view. Apart from these two dominating categories, we don’t really see many videos targeted largely towards men, when compared to the abundant categories of women-centric skin care tutorials, make-up reviews, and beauty series.

Breathing in a gust of fresh air into the content mix, SO CAL OKIE is a YouTube channel that explores “dude” content for the blokes. Okie covers everything from BBQs, car reviews, product reviews, dude shopping, tool videos and firearm action to cuddly puppies – a total chick magnet.

 A true southern redneck at heart, Okie’s videos are super localised to life in Southern California. With a total population rocketing up to 39.497 million, Southern California is the most populated state in the US. Okie’s videos are more likely to pick up traction as his channel is targeted to a very niche Californian audience and the state has a massive multicultural population. 

He positions himself as a knowledgeable and credible information source that people can seek information from before buying a product. Okie reviews the latest Chryslers, jeeps, muscle cars, dodge & ram vehicles and other new wheels. He releases videos when cars are at their peak trending season when people are most likely to be searching for reviews. 

His channel features generic family-friendly content and could appeal to children as well as senior citizens. He comes up with interesting and fun playlist themes like the Oreo review saga, nasty soda challenges, holidays, daily vlogs and more. 

He covers the latest sales in town. Black Friday, Christmas or clearance sales, name it and he’s got it covered. Okie also lists his favourite places to shop and reviews shops, the latest discounts, new products, store updates and more. 

Okie always has something exciting up his sleeve. We can’t wait to see which Californian secret this southern redneck will unveil in his upcoming vlogs!

Check out SO CAL OKIE’s YouTube channel: