10 Tips To Pose In Videos: The Ultimate Guide To Look Your Best On Screen

Many creators struggle to look their best on videos. We’re going to let you in on a little secret. The key to striking a great pose is in the angles. All influencers, models, actors and celebrities follow these simple rules to replicate their best look over and over again. It’s that easy. Here are 10 tips every YouTuber must know to own the screens. 

1. Tilt your body at a 45 degree angle, and stick a foot out straight towards the camera. Angling your body sideways gives your body a flattering appeal, when compared to facing the camera head-on which captures your widest view. 

2. Don’t squash your arms against your body. One of the classic poses models love to mirror is the “hands-on-hips” pose. This makes your arms look more toned and shows off your curves. If you want to go for a more natural look, hold a glass or rest your hand against a chair to give your arms some breathing space.

3. Show plenty of neck. The idea is to arch your neck and elongate it. If you have longer hair, make sure it doesn’t hide all of your neck. 

4. Tilt your chin up and flaunt your jaw lines. This makes your face look more well defined and accentuates your bone structure. 

5. Cross your leg over your knee if you’re seated down. Tilt both your legs slightly towards the side in the same direction if you want to make them look leaner.  

6. Make sure you’re not slouching. Push your chest forward and sit upright with your shoulders back. Take a deep breath before you begin talking and stand your tallest. 

7. Lean forward slightly whenever you can. This pose can accentuate your face and makes the rest of your body look curvier. 

8. Interact with props and things around you. This makes your video look more engaging and lively. You can take sips from a coffee cup, brush walls with your hands or touch the person next to you if you’re having a friendly conversation.

9. Look cool and composed in your photo. Try to get in candid shots to look as natural as possible. If you seem too uptight, it’s going to show.

10. Make a posing inspiration board. When you see videos of people getting their angles right, save them and use them for inspiration in your own videos. You can replicate these poses and add your own twist later.

The best way to get the angles right in your videos is to have fun while you’re at it. When you’re having a good time, your poses look more original and bring out your amazing personality!

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