5 Hacks To Get The Most Clicks On Your YouTube Videos

When you watch a YouTube video, you might see little website cards and subscribe buttons pop up, with YouTubers asking you to visit their website or take a specific action. These are called call-to-actions (CTAs). A CTA is the most powerful element in your YouTube video to boost your channel’s watch time, subscriber count, views and clicks to any website you want viewers to visit. Here are 5 hacks to use CTAs the right way and get the most out of your YouTube channel:

1. Use a combination of speech, text, sounds and action in your CTA

The best way to capture people’s attention is to trigger all their senses. Speak out what you want your viewers to click on, for example, say “if you like this video, please subscribe”. Insert a subscribe button and add a sound effect like a “blop” when you introduce the button on screen. Now add a bit of motion, swipe your hands down and point at the subscribe button for people to take action.

2. Use red arrows and circles

Red is a bold colour and is an instant attention grabber. Many YouTubers use a combination of red arrows and circles to highlight links and buttons they want viewers to click on. Rather than inserting a stagnant arrow or circle, add a bit of motion to these elements. For example, if you pop in an arrow, make sure the arrow swipes down and points towards your action button.

3. Pop your CTA towards the last 10-30 seconds of your videos

Many influencers make the mistake of including their CTA right at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of their videos. Your CTA can get lost, sandwiched between your content, and viewers may forget what they need to do as they get to the end of your video. You can tackle this challenge by inserting the CTA towards your video’s starting point and leaving it there throughout your video. You can remind viewers to take action once again as you reach your end screen.

4. Don’t mush up too many CTAs at once

You CTAs must be clear, concise and point viewers towards one main goal. When you add too many CTAs at once, your viewers might get confused and not take any action at all. Avoid saying: “Please like, share and comment on this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out my merchandise on my website. Read my blog. Follow me on social media”. Instead of clubbing this mishmash, you can push viewers to take action on just one platform. For example, take viewers to just your YouTube channel, and not your social media, website and blog all at once. You can promote your other platforms on separate videos. 

5. Get your tone right

It’s important to get your tone and pace just right while introducing the CTA. Don’t rush or go too slow, balance out an even pace so that people can understand you clearly. Be energetic, lively and excited about your CTA. If you don’t show enthusiasm, viewers won’t catch on to what you’re saying either. 

CTAs are invaluable in driving results for your YouTube channel. Just follow these hacks to level up your YouTube game in no time at all. It’s that simple. 

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