Why Every YouTuber Must Attend YouTube Creator Conventions

YouTube Creator conventions provide an amazing platform to kickstart your YouTube career. It’s the best place to network, bag brand deals, collaborate, learn and grow your YouTube channel like never before. Here are six key benefits creator conventions provide and why you simply must attend one of these extravagant events this year. 

1. Get an opportunity to collaborate with infamous creators across the world

You get to meet, collaborate and learn from some of the most iconic YouTubers. Creator conventions like VidSummit reel in super successful YouTube creators and business entrepreneurs like Casey Neistat, Jimmy Donaldson, Jon Youshaei and Goldie Chan who are worth millions in net worth. 

2. Participate in exclusive learning sessions and learn to expand your YouTube channel

Creator conventions give you access to invaluable insights to help you build your YouTube channel. Some of the biggest creator conventions like VidCon and PatreCon bring in YouTubers to conduct creative lessons workshops, keynote sessions and exclusive training sessions. These sessions are curated for YouTubers who are looking to scale their YouTube channel and grow it into a thriving business. 

3. Expose your channel to thousands of brands

Many creator conventions invite brands, brand executives, marketing agencies and key decision makers. This is an amazing place to find potential sponsors and brands in your niche to partner with. The NAB Show brings in thousands of exhibitors from diverse industries like media, technology and entertainment all in one place. Whereas the Influence This Creator Meetup offers a partnership marketplace where you can schedule 15 minute meetings with anyone who’s attending the event. 

4. Connect with the massive YouTube community and gain thousands of new fans 

Creator conventions are the perfect place to connect with fans personally and also reach out to a new audience. People from diverse backgrounds, ages and geographies travel far and wide to attend meet-and-greets with their favourite YouTubers and watch them perform live. This is a great opportunity to introduce your channel to potential viewers and steal other YouTuber’s fans. Conventions like The Playlist Live and YouTube Fanfest organise meet-and-greet ballots, live performances, exhibits and fun interactive sessions to connect with fans. 

5. Win awards for your creations

Creator conventions like Social in the City host award shows to honour the best vloggers, creators, artists and YouTubers of the year. From upcoming YouTubers to middle-level and well-established YouTubers, the awards recognise excellent creators and receive nominations and entries from all across the world. 

6. Showcase your best videos in front of the YouTube community

Get a chance to pitch your finest videos at YouTube conventions like the Buffer Festival. The Buffer Festival features film premiers from some of the most acclaimed YouTube creators. YouTubers like Lilly Singh and Grace Helbig have been active participants and grown their channel through this platform. 

Are you all set to attend the next big YouTube convention? Make a list of all the conventions you would like to attend in 2020 and start planning big. Rest assured, this is going to be a great investment for the future! 

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