Do This To Impact Millions As A YouTube Influencer

One of the best things about being an influencer is the ability to impact millions of lives. Fans love YouTubers they can resonate with and will walk the extra mile to follow their way of life. Which is why it’s wonderful to be able to use your voice and make a positive impact on these impressionable minds. You have the power to influence fans and unite masses for a good cause.

All you have to do is pick a social issue you feel strongly about and you already have a strong personal connection with. It could be anything from women’s rights and racism to global warming and climate change. Social issues are trending, controversial and are a brilliant way to spark healthy conversation with viewers.

Here are six ways you can integrate social issues into your YouTube content strategy.

1. Interview experts 

Make a list of industry experts who specialise in working around the social issue you’ve chosen. You can conduct personal one-on-one interviews, panel discussions or live talk shows.

2. Get audience opinions

Get out on the streets and ask people about their perspectives around the social issue. You can do polls, surveys or Q&A sessions to capture a collective opinion. 

3. Storytelling 

Talk about your personal stories and how the social issue you’re standing for has impacted you. Abide to a structured storytelling format starting off with a strong hook, challenge, and resolution.

4. Social experiments

Set up a controlled environment and observe how people react to situations. This is a great way to spread awareness about the issue and learn how many people are aware and how many aren’t.

5. Short films

Set characters and have them enact roles in a short film. The more relatable the characters are, the easier it is for viewers to resonate with the film. Emotional triggers are also great at impacting viewers and getting the end message across.

6. Documentaries

Backup your video content with strong statistics. There’s nothing like showcasing the stark truth from an objective journalistic viewpoint. Try to cover all angles to the story so that you can give viewers the overall picture. 

Now that you’ve got a gist about the angles you can cover to take a compelling stand on your social issue, it’s time you expanded your reach. Jolt down not-for-profits and activists who could benefit from showcasing your video and collaborate with them. 

YouTube even has a universal hashtag #creatorsforchange to promote creators who stand up for a good cause. Be sure you include this hashtag in your video description and content to maximise your channel’s visibility. And you’re all set to change the world!

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