Everybody’s talking about TikTok. With over 800 million active users worldwide, it’s no secret that TikTok is the next biggest platform to look out for in 2020. If you feel like you’re living under a rock and haven’t got the chance to explore this growing platform, now is the time! 

Tik Tok is an app similar to “Vine” and “Dubsmash” where people post short 10-15 second clips. These clips may be anything ranging from people creating lip-syncing videos of other soundtracks and spin-offs, to original creations. Since Tik Tok video clips are super short and made for short consumption, they must be packed with punch.

YouTubers are leveraging TikTok to kick start their career and go viral. Now here’s how you can use this powerful platform and take your YouTube channel to a whole new level.

1. Keep your finger on the pulse of global trends

TikTok has an incredible discover page. You can find the most viral hashtags here updated by the second according to the latest popular trends. The best part about the discover page is, these hashtags pickup hundreds of temporary seasonal trends that can be leveraged immediately to go viral. Use 2-5  of these hashtags in your YouTube video for the best results.


2. Participate in viral challenges

Once you zero-in on the hashtags, you can participate in viral TikTok challenges that are taking the digital world by storm. These trending challenges vary according to your geographical location so be sure to participate in trends that are relevant to your YouTube channel’s theme. For example, the Kiki challenge, Hit or miss, Karma is a bitch are examples of viral challenges that you can mirror and showcase on your TikTok feed.

3. Create your own TikTok memes and challenges

Get creative and turn snippets from your own YouTube videos into memes and challenges. For example, music artists like Lil Naz first became popular on TikTok. He created memes of his number one viral hit song “Old Town Road” on TikTok and named it the YeeHaw challenge. The meme showcased normal people transforming into cowgirls and cowboys, and played snippets of his song Old Town Road in the videos.  

4. Loop your videos

Find catchy song bits, slogans, catchphrases and dialogues from your YouTube videos and turn them into reusable content. For example, if you’re a music artist launching a song, snip out your song’s main chorus and loop it over and over again. If people like what they hear, they’ll incorporate it as background music into their own videos. Or if you’re a comedian, snip out a short 5-second reaction of someone reacting to your prank and loop this reaction in “vine” style.

5. Promote your best video

TikTok is unlike other mainstream social media platforms where you have to ensure that your entire feed has great content. Whereas on TikTok, if one of your videos goes viral, your entire account will blow up with likes, comments and follows. Make your best YouTube video your TikTok account’s pillar post and focus on promoting this video full on. 

6. Create duet videos

TikTok offers a split-screen “duet” feature where you can collaborate with known or unknown TikTok users. You can find a video you like and add your own twist to it or create a reaction video in real time. To maximise your visibility, choose to do duets with a good balance of TikTok creators including famous TikTok celebrities 1 million+ followers, mid-size celebrities with 100k – 1 million followers, local celebrities with 10k – 100k followers.

7. Get your posting frequency right

The secret to increasing visibility on TikTok is to post videos 2-3 times a day and be as hyperactive as possible. Few people are aware that TikTok also has a livestream option. Many famous TikTok influencers advise upcoming creators to livestream at least once a day.

Apart from these main pointers, remember to make your videos aesthetically pleasing. There are plenty of inbuilt TikTok features like photo templates, magic filters, trending effects and beautiful transitions you can use to make your videos pop. Once your TikTok account blows up, your YouTube channel will follow suit and drive exponential growth!

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