This Is What It Takes To Grow Your Channel Through YouTube Networks in 2021

Did you know that tons of global giants like The Walt Disney Company, Hearst Corporation, and Warner Bros have invested over $640 million in YouTube networks? Thousands of creators are using YouTube networks as a secret strategy to blow up their channels and make mega-money. If this is the first time you’re hearing about YouTube networks, we’re here to give you a rundown.

A YouTube network is a company that creators can hire to assist them with monetizing, growing, and managing their channel. YouTube networks take anywhere around 20%-40% from a creator’s AdSense revenue or any other revenue that the channel generates. 

Creators can access valuable YouTube network services like accessing production facilities to shoot and edit videos, sponsorship opportunities with brands who are already a part of the YouTube network, and quicker resolutions on YouTube like protection from misappropriated copyright strikes against creators. This is also a great place for small YouTubers to connect with larger YouTubers and transmigrate their audiences.

Here’s how you can be a part of the A-list. 

1. Find YouTube networks in your niche

YouTube networks usually zero in a particular niche and aggregate creators in that particular niche. For example, the YouTube network Machinima only focuses on the gaming vertical whereas YouTube network Stylehaul concentrates on fashion and lifestyle vloggers. YouTube networks that cater to a specific niche will have a more targeted brand and creator network on their fingertips. 

2. Mirror other creators who have partnered with YouTube networks

Chances are, YouTube networks scout for YouTubers who fit into similar categories as those they’ve already partnered with in the past. Look at the types of YouTubers that your preferred YouTube networks usually partner with. Analyse these YouTuber’s videos to check out what they are doing differently, content topics, brands they partner with, and growth metrics. Try to incorporate these elements in your videos.

3. Filter out YouTube networks according to their requirements

Each YouTube network has different eligibility criteria to join. Some networks require you to hit a minimum of 10k views on your videos and some require you to hit a minimum of 100k views or more. 

Find a network that accepts channels with the same number of video views or subscriber count as yours. Remember, if you don’t meet the requirements in one YouTube network, you can always find one that has a more flexible eligibility criteria. 

4. Find YouTube networks that meet your channel’s goals

Look at what services each YouTube network offers and make sure their goals align with yours. If your main goal is to receive support on monetizing your channel, make sure that the YouTube network has a good revenue scheme set up. Check the terms and conditions of the YouTube network’s revenue model and ensure that they don’t deduct too much money off the revenue you earn from YouTube. You can get stuck in a contract for years so be careful to read your agreement thoroughly. 

5. Check the channel’s credibility

Take some time to research the YouTube network’s reputation and reviews. Some YouTube networks claim to provide support when in reality, they might take ages to respond to your query. Use online tools and credible news websites to discover top-ranking YouTube networks.

6. Reach out to YouTube networks

You can apply to YouTube networks directly on their website or find talent managers who can do it for you. Some YouTube networks list out their team member’s email addresses on their contact page, so you can email them as well. Once the team approves your application you will get notified on your email address. 

Don’t be phased if a YouTube network rejects your admission into a network. Try growing your channel first and apply again after a few months. Or just move on and apply to the next network. It’s only a matter of time before you score a partnership that could possibly change your YouTube career forever!

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