You have a winning YouTuber media kit and you’re all good to go, great! Now what? 

All you have to do now is to find the right brands and pitch your media kit. Convince advertisers why they should partner with you and build a mutually benefiting relationship with your dream brand. Here’s how you go in for the kill. 

1. Practice inbound marketing

Ace your inbound marketing strategy. Rather than reaching out to brands, research ways to attract brands to you. You can use lead magnets, include hyperlinks, do brand integrations, give shoutouts and other strategies to get a brand’s attention. Leave links to your media kit on your YouTube channel description and website, so that when advertisers bump into your channel, they’ll know how to reach you right away.

2. Shoot cold emails

Proactively reach out to advertisers via cold emails. Run a Google search to find relevant brands in your niche. You can usually find a brand’s contact details on their website. Write an attention-grabbing email pitch along with a killer cover letter to seal the deal. 

Your pitch must outline how your channel will benefit the brand and directly contribute to the company’s growth. Customise your pitch to meet exactly what the brand is looking for and personalise the email. Also, be sure to tell the brand why you love them and compliment them on something you genuinely admire about their company and team.

3. Partner with media agencies

There are plenty of media agencies, marketing firms and advertising companies that take care of a brand’s influencer marketing. These agencies maintain their own influencer database which they refer to while organising a marketing campaign. Reach out to these agencies and let them know you are available for collaborations and outline the pricing models you are open to. 

4. Browse through press releases

PR Newswire is a global content distribution network with a potpourri of recently published press releases you can skim through. This is a great place to touch base with the latest campaigns brands are working on and be among the first ones to contribute to the campaign. These press releases have the relevant campaign manager’s contact email and phone number so you can get in touch with them straight away. 

5. Pickup warm leads on social media

Finally, there’s good old social media. You might already have a steady relationship going on with brands with your usual tagging, reposting stories, giving shoutouts and engaging with the brand’s posts. Once you establish a connection and build rapport with a brand, you can send them a direct message and explore partnership opportunities. 

A YouTuber media kit armed with a killer pitch is a deadly duo! This powerful combination will get your foot in the door for fantastic partnerships in the long run. Just start reaching out and see the magic work wonders.

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