Everything You Need To Know About Designing A YouTuber Media Kit

Your media kit can make or break your chance to score a game-changing brand partnership. If you want your media kit to really stand out, your design must speak volumes. It’s all in the aesthetics. You want your media kit to look professional, edgy and creative. Here’s everything you need to know about designing a stunning YouTuber media kit. 

1. Keep your branding consistent

Your media kit must use the same font, colour palette, style and theme as your YouTube channel. There are hundreds of free templates you can customize and make your own on platforms like Canva, Adobe Spark and Lucidpress.

Princess Aanastasiya’s media kit eludes a minimal black, white and grey theme similar to her social media aesthetics. The fonts, colours and delicate design elements are sophisticated, elegant and luxurious. 

2. Know your way around white spaces

White spaces are blank areas around graphics, images, text or any other object in your design. You need to maintain a good white space balance and ensure that your media kit doesn’t look too cluttered or empty. Use fillers like bold images and quotes to substantiate your text when there’s too much white space.

Blake Court’s media kit covers up the white space next to the “blog statistics” section with a visual graph to the right and a quote to the bottom left.

3. Use a minimalistic design 

Less is more. Don’t cram in too much information in one page. You cannot have your design overflowing with graphics, colours and extra-long paragraphs. 

The non-minimalist Full Fashion media kit is packed with images and different colours. There’s too much going on for the brain to process. However, the minimalist Full Fashion media kit focuses on one image and the message is more impactful and much easier to digest.  


4. Keep it short and succinct

Your media kit must be less than 3 pages. Your cover page can have your headshot photo with your channel logo, contact details, and social media accounts. The follow-up pages can dive into analytics and the nitty-gritty. 

The Shuttertalk media kit design layout is divided into two neat columns. This way, it’s easier to categorise content and add more data within a limited space.

Cover page
Two-column layout

5. Perfect the spacing

Standardise the spacing between each headline and paragraph. Use a Google Chrome extension like Grid Ruler to maintain consistency between borders, paragraphs, headings and subheadings. 

For example, notice the spacing grids in The Crimson Records media kit. The design uses “1 inch” spacing between borders and new section breaks; and “half an inch” spacing between every paragraph. The same spacing rule is used throughout the layout. 

6. Align your content

There are three ways to line up your content: Left align, right align and centre align. This means, your content must start at a particular point at every break. Imagine how unorganised your design would look if one sentence was placed at your page’s right corner and the next sentence began at your page’s left corner. You might as well kiss the readability goodbye. 

In Alt Blue’s media kit, the headings and paragraphs are all left-aligned. Notice how clean, readable and structured the layout looks. 

And that’s how you capture an advertiser’s attention with a perfectly designed media kit. A dash of creativity backed up with sound design guidelines can be the silver lining to bagging your next brand partnership!

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