Use These 5 Platforms To Create Winning YouTube Video Titles And Get More Views

When you’re first starting off a YouTuber, it can be hard to craft content for your channel. Especially when you’ve never played around with the written word before. And writing a killer video title is the first task you must perfect as it can seal the deal for your channel’s success. 

Research shows that a good video title can significantly boost your video’s click-through rate and increase views. According to Thrive Themes, you only have 2.6 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention with a stunning title. So you know how important it is to make a lasting first impression. No pressure!

On the bright side, you don’t have to worry because there are plenty of easy-to-use online tools out there that are designed to help you churn out the perfect video titles. We’ve listed out a few incredibly helpful platforms for you.

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a crowd favourite. This is a great online tool to help you analyse each word in your title. Just pop your title into the search bar and the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will suggest ways to improve your wording in terms of word balance, power words, emotional triggers, unique wordplay, keyword strength and perfecting the title length.

2. The HOTH 

This is an invaluable tool to get very specific title options. The HOTH first tries to understand what you’re trying to achieve through your video by asking you to fill in your video’s primary keywords (increase video ranking), niche industry (YouTube), end-goal (get more views), who the video is targeted to (YouTubers), and a problem that’s common for your audience (low rankings). Taking these details into consideration, The HOTH recommends 10 curated title options for your video. 

3. Sumo

Sumo generates highly niche-specific titles based on what type of content you’re targeting. Some of the categories are numbered lists, how-tos’, whys’, controversies, DIYs and playful videos. 

4. Tweak Your Biz

Super fast and easy to use, all you have to do is enter your primary keyword into the Tweak Your Biz search bar. The platform generates hundreds of suggestions organised into different sections based on power keywords like “best”, “secret”, “how-to” and title formats such as “questions”, “problems”, “motivation”. 

For example, for the keyword “investments”, Tweak Your Biz suggests titles under their “motivation” category such as – “Easy Ways You Can Turn Into Your Investment Into Success” and “Fear? Not If You Use Your Investments The Right Way!”

5. SEOPressor

The best part about this tool is that you can specify what your keyword means to help the platform generate more relevant titles. You can choose whether your keyword is an industry/generic term/brand or product/skill/location/person’s name/event. 

If you think your content is bang on but isn’t getting enough views, just rethink your YouTube title strategy. All it takes is a little nudge to set you right back on track and whip you up into a stellar wordsmith. 

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