Why YouTube Rewind Must Be On Top Of Every Creator’s Checklist

YouTube Rewind is one of the most anticipated videos ever. Every year-end, YouTube showcases some of the most talked-about YouTubers, news, hit singles, pop culture and other viral trends on YouTube Rewind. This is the perfect place to catch up with updates you might have missed out on and analyse how these trends are impacting YouTube history. Here’s why every YouTuber must keep up with YouTube Rewind.

1. Compare and contrast global trends

YouTube Rewind gives a global snapshot of the biggest viral trends. Unravel what type of trends are most likely to go viral in each country and contemplate whether you want to expand your reach to these regions. Indian pop culture behemoth T-Series became the first channel ever to pass 100m subscribers whereas in the USA, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” set the record for most consecutive weeks at #1 on YouTube’s U.S. Top Songs chart.

2. Deep dive into best practices

Get a better stronghold on the best practices other YouTubers use. YouTube Rewind featured Shane Dawson as he successfully initiated the long-form docuseries format, which is a 50-minute mashup of documentary and vlog-style episode series. He was celebrated for breaking free from traditional vlogs, establishing a new way to tell personal stories and taking creator collaborations to a whole new level. The best way to come up with similar groundbreaking initiatives is to first dig into some good old research. 

3. Get cracking on new events

YouTube Rewind provides a collective database of YouTube’s most viral events, challenges and initiatives. Mr Beast organised a massive creator collaboration #TeamTrees where creators around the world joined the effort to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees. The initiative resulted in over 3,800 video uploads with the #TeamTrees tag. Events like this are great starting points to create your own viral shindig. 

4. Forecast and anticipate upcoming trends

Evaluate how trends are evolving over the decade. Understanding history better will help you analyse patterns and unravel which content is more likely to trend in future. So you can learn to identify the underlying elements in a viral video and thaw out the winning recipe to go viral. From the Harlem Shake in 2013 to the Dalgona Coffee challenge in 2020, trends are transcendent. 

5. Explore most wanted genres

This is the time for creators to break free from rules and structures to come up with cutting edge content. “Coming out” videos made a splash on YouTube Rewind in 2019. Similarly, videos that represented solo travel, van life and artistic expression were also in demand. We saw new genres like dark-pop and country hip-hop emerging as a promising future. Leverage updates you receive on YouTube Rewind to examine how you can probe into genre-defying content

Millions of fans excitedly wait for YouTube Rewind every year. It’s no secret that YouTubers who are featured in YouTube Rewind receive insane press coverage and publicity. The fastest way you can get featured on YouTube Rewind is to study the patterns and learn exactly what it takes to go viral. 

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(Header image credit: https://rewind.youtube/)

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