9 Fun YouTube Channel Ideas Where You Don’t Have To Show Your Face

Are you camera shy? Who said you need to show yourself on-screen if you want to start a YouTube channel! Here are 9 fun ideas you can bring to life without worrying about what to wear or how you look. 

1. Miniature DIY videos

Miniature crafts have a rapidly growing YouTube community. These DIY videos, like the one Craft Factory has created, show you how to make the most adorable mini jewellery, cookies, houses and utensils that you can use as garden decor or decorate a dollhouse with. 

2. In-depth video tutorials

If you’re a subject matter expert or a techie, tutorial videos are a great way to kickstart your YouTube channel. All you have to do is start screen recording and do a voice overlay. 

Alec Markarian creates a whole bunch of tutorials on how to use software like Adobe Photoshop, Unity and FPS. 

3. Go further than game demos

Rather than just walking through a gaming video, show your audience funny moments in the video or how you crack the highest levels, like YouTuber theRadBrad.

4. Research-based conspiracy videos 

Conspiracy videos are one of the most interesting YouTube videos to experiment with. All you have to do is dig into some good old research and collect a repository of photos you can display in a storytelling format, similar to what Weird World does. 

5. Motivational videos

From pep talks to case studies and heart-tugging stories, there are a plethora of inspiring themes you can play around with, without having to show your face. Dare To Do Motivation takes examples from personal stories of common people. He just uses one simple image as his background image throughout the video.

6. Relaxation videos

With people’s daily activities becoming more stressful, sleep music and ASMR is getting all the more popular today.  Record your own soothing music like rain sounds, leaves rustling or birds chirping. Or you can collect copyright free music and mush it all together in one long video that can be played for hours. 

Many YouTubers like Body Mind Zone post live videos so they can publish 12 hours worth of music in one go.

7. Cooking in the wild

With sustainable living becoming the decade’s most popular buzzword, there is a growing demand for videos that display cooking in natural environments like forests or villages with organic ingredients. 

Almazan Kitchen brings out the raw scenic beauty in their environment accompanied by fresh hot meals to complement the vibe. 

8. Lifehacks

Be it beauty tips or natural remedies, you only need to prep your hands before you start creating these videos. Artkala creates super useful content with just a vibrant background and clean minimalistic environment. 

9. Listicles

Creating “Top 10” lists can be a great way to showcase trending products and open your channel to brand sponsorships. The Top Fives entire YouTube channel is packed with educational videos displayed in a listicle format.

Now that you get a gist of the amazing themes you can toy around with, without even having to show yourself on screen, you have no more inhibitions to stop you from going all in and starting your YouTube channel in full swing!

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