Discover How To Unlock Creative Thinking And Power Your Content

Did you start out your YouTube channel, brimming with fresh new ideas but you’re now struggling to come up with creative content? Even the most successful YouTubers face a roadblock every now and then.

Think of creativity as a skill that anybody can hone, and not something that’s exclusive to people in the creative industry, like artists or writers. Here are a few actionable pointers to get your creative energies up and running in no time. 

1. Experiment with creative play

Forget about work. When was the last time you did something creative just for the fun of it? Write down a list of activities you enjoy, and experiment with how you can incorporate them in your YouTube videos. For example, if you love sketching, try creating an animated video for your vlog.

2. Pivot your content

If you’re getting bored of creating the same content over and over again, why don’t you completely pivot your content altogether and start a second YouTube channel? Maybe half your viewers love your current videos, but the other half want a change and are ready to drop out. Find out what your audience is unhappy about and mould your new content to fill in the gaps. Jump out of your comfort zone. 

3. Build metaphors and weave storylines

There are plenty of creative games that bring out the inner child in you. Children use toys like barbie dolls and lego bricks to build imaginative stories. Likewise, adults can use a similar gamification strategy to channel creative zen. For example, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology teaches people to build metaphors and complex storylines by playing with LEGO bricks. 

4. Tap into your favourite podcast streaming platforms for inspiration

Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are packed with podcasts bursting with juicy insights. Go crazy and browse through relevant podcasts in your genre for ideas. Listen to TED Talks, grab tips from experts, stay updated with the latest viral trends or whatever tickles your fancy. From full-fledged series and stories to life hacks, podcasts come in exciting formats. Check if you want to repurpose any of these podcasts topics into a video format.

5. Collect a story repository

Hit the streets and interview people you may find interesting. Maybe your postman had an eventful day, or a strange woman at the bus stop hails has an exciting story up her sleeve. You never know who you might meet. People love the spotlight, so you won’t have much trouble curating stories that spark your imagination. 

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. Make sure you practice and oil your creativity so it doesn’t get rusty! 

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