All You Need To Know About Youtube Shorts

Have you heard about YouTube Shorts? If not, don’t sweat it, we’re here to give you the lowdown. 

YouTube recently launched YouTube Shorts  15 second, vertical videos that users can create right from the YouTube mobile app. With TikTok bans becoming rampant across countries, Instagram Reels is filling the gap with quick-consumption videos. And now, YouTube Shorts could very well compete with these major players in the bite-sized content space.

The YouTube Shorts feature has been rolled out in beta version only for Indian users for now and is expected to launch worldwide soon.

How to access YouTube Shorts

You can shoot YouTube Shorts through the “Shorts camera” on the YouTube mobile app. Log into your YouTube app and check whether you have access to the Shorts camera. If you hit the camera icon or “+” icon and see a “create a short video” option pop up, then congratulations you can go crazy using YouTube Shorts!


How to upload a YouTube Shorts video

  1. Choose the “create a short video”option
  2. Choose the video you want to upload
  3. You’ll be prompted to provide details such as video title, description and privacy 
  4. Upload

Tada, you are done!

Don’t have access to the YouTube Shorts camera yet? 

You can still upload vertical videos which are under 60 seconds, from your camera roll using the hashtag #shorts in the description. YouTube will soon give you access to editing tools such as speed controls, timers, joining multiple clips together and adding music to the video clips. 

Where to find YouTube Shorts videos

Shorts videos are stacked on the “Shorts Shelf “where you can swipe vertically and browse through similar videos. Once your Shorts videos are uploaded on your channel, they will be available to subscribers via the subscription feed. New viewers can also find your Shorts on your YouTube channel’s main page and the YouTube homepage for seven days. 

Customise your YouTube Shorts

You can create a dedicated Shorts tab on your YouTube channel. 

To do this, go to YouTube Studio > Customisation > Featured sections > Add section > Shorts videos. Place your Shorts tab wherever you think it would get the most visibility.

Tips to make YouTube Shorts discoverable

  1. Include hashtag #Shorts in the title for higher visibility on the YouTube homepage.
  2. Make your Shorts highly visual. The message should be short and engaging, and most importantly grab attention in the first 3 seconds
  3. Your  Shorts should be easily accessible to viewers. Pick a sweet spot that gives your video the best visibility on your channel’s homepage consider whether they fit well into your regular programming schedule and your overall channel content.

Check how well your YouTube Shorts are performing

You can easily analyse the views and traffic sources your Shorts are racking up.

Head over to your YouTube Studio > Analytics > Reach > Traffic source types. 


Can you monetize YouTube Shorts?

Do note, Shorts are currently not supported by ad serving and will not generate YouTube premium subscription revenue. This means, creators cannot monetize through Shorts at the moment, but YouTube could turn the tables in future. 

Short-consumption videos are turning the tide and revolutionizing content as we know it today. So be prepared to churn some amazing bite-sized videos! Now that you are all caught up, go ahead and begin experimenting with Shorts. We’ll fill you in with more details as YouTube rolls out updates.

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