20 Christmas Themed Decors To Inspire Your YouTube Videos

Christmas is right around the corner and you’re going to have a whole lot of holiday-themed videos planned out. We’re here to help you spruce up your video ambience with super easy and cost-effective Christmas props and decorations.

Whether you’re looking to bedazzle your YouTube thumbnail or backdrop, here are 20 beautiful Christmas decors to get your viewers in the holiday spirit.

1. Pinup Christmas hats

Photo credit: LIFE MAGIC BOX l Pinterest

2. Christmas photo tree

Photo credits: Amor e Maternidade: Maternidade, dicas e lifestyle! l Pinterest

3. Frozen snowball hangings

Photo credits: My Life and Kids l Pinterest

4. Stacked up gifts wall

Photo credits: Livingly l Pinterest

5. Paper Christmas Tree

Photo credits: Curious Sofa l Pinterest

6. Romantic decked-up swing

Photo credits: shopbackdrop.com
l Pinterest

7. Classic fairy lights

Photo credits: Marbe l Pinterest

8. Charming white and red teepee

Photo credits:MINT Event Design l Pinterest

9. Giant wreaths

Photo credits: emily lex l Pinterest

10. Decorative balloons

Photo credit: tjjlhufx.oyunserver.org l Pinterest

11.Creepers and plant hangings draped in tiny light bulbs

Photo credit: Marie Claire Idées l Pinterest

12. Chalkboard art

Photo credit: etsy.com l Pinterest

13. Ladder with a big fat bow

Photo credit: 2 Stinkin’ Cute Miniatures l Pinterest

14. Pinecone strings

Photo credit: Ruffled l Pinterest

15. Snowman chilling on the refrigerator

Photo credit: amazon.com l Pinterest

16. Book pile Christmas tree

Photo credit: customizando.net l Pinterest

17. Cozy candlelight and fireplace

Photo credit: HomeontheCorner l Pinterest

18. Decorated potted plants

Photo credit: my scandinavian home blog l Pinterest

19. Candy cane

Photo credit: blog.darice.com l Pinterest

20. Outdoor Christmas

Photo credit: etsy.com l Pinterest

And there you have it. You have all the inspiration you need to start mixing and matching props to prep up for your Christmas themed shoots!

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