The Most Interactive Video Formats In 2020

2020 sure did make us look at life differently but even before the pandemic took the world by shock, interacting with viewers was and always has been a huge part of creating a successful channel on YouTube. It gives viewers that little extra kick when they feel like they’re a part of their favourite channel and it brings that special element of connection between borders, religions, cities and states!

We all know the importance of “interaction” but here’s how you can actually make “interaction” a conscious reality on your own YouTube channel. Let’s take a look at the most interactive video formats that made a splash during the pandemic, to inspire you.

1. Live streams 

Live streams are an extremely effective method to interact with your audience. For most viewers, watching a livestream is like seeing their favourite content creators on their screen in real time, making it a whole experience in itself. A survey among viewers states that 56 percent are in agreement that watching a livestream gives the same effect as being at the event in person.

2. Home workouts 

Creating consistent and regular home workout videos is a great way for you and your viewer to grow and share an activity, even if you both are separated by a screen. With the pandemic, these home workout videos did extremely well and with all the free time people had, a ton of new channels also emerged. Statistics show that these kinds of videos hit a peak in April 2020. 

3. Gaming videos 

Watching another person gaming online has the power to create a bond between the viewer and the creator, through something they both love doing. Studies report that 73 percent of viewers on YouTube have watched gaming videos at least once, if not over and over again in the past year.

And that sums it up, here are three excellent video formats you can use to interact with your audience. a way to check in with millions of people and that’s quite amazing! 

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