Learn What’s Trending Before Starting Your Channel

When adversity strikes, one must evolve to keep up with the times or be prepared to fall behind. The pandemic has been a prime example of the adapt-or-fail phase, and YouTube saw a surge in content creators as well as content viewers during these trying times .

We saw a new age of creators boom and we’re here to discuss the most prevalent trends before you kickstart your YouTube channel.

1)  YouTube has no age limits

If you want to create YouTube videos, remember that your age is not a barrier. A recent survey shows that 58 percent of viewers are happy watching content from creators of any age. Whether you’re above the age of 70 or below the age of 10, this is the perfect time to become a YouTuber. 

2) Senior citizens embrace the new age

At this moment, 728 million people in the world are above the age of 65 years old. Now, this number is going to double in the span of a couple of decades. That’s a huge viewer base to tap into or something you should at least keep in the back of your mind while creating videos.

3) The dawn of VTubers

VTubers or virtual YouTubers are gaining enormous traction. These creators use a virtual avatar that is created using computer graphics. Most VTubers are Japanese of origin and create anime inspired avatars, a trend that originated in Japan. So if you haven’t decided what your channel is going to be about, or you’re struggling to voice your content, get creative with virtual avatars! 

 Viewers are still longing for their digital escape every single day to give them a break from the real world, so get started on your channel right now and create content that is interesting, interactive and creative and that is really all you need to keep in mind to make it big on YouTube.

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