Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools To Create Amazing Reaction Videos

Reaction videos on YouTube are all the rage these days, with new videos going viral every single day. Reaction videos are very easy to produce as they require no script or prior preparation. They rely solely on the spontaneity of the creator in creating engaging reactions to different content.

For producing reaction videos, all you need is something to react on, a camera/webcam to capture your expressions and a screen recording tool to capture your computer screen. Here’s what you need in a good screen recording tool and some of the best screen recording tools currently in the market.

What To Look For In A Good Screen Recording Software

Try out different ones and see which is the easiest to use. While most of the tools mentioned here have an easy interface, you might feel more comfortable with one over the other. Don’t forget to check out the various layouts that you can create with the software and see if it has the features you would need for your videos.

Top Screen Recording Softwares In 2021

OBS Studio

A favourite among YouTubers, OBS Studio has all the features you need to create the ultimate reaction video. This is a completely free software that has almost all the capabilities of similar paid tools. It allows you to capture multiple screens, webcam footage and audio while also letting you play around with the visual layout and volumes on each track. With OBS Studio, not only can you save your video in the format you need, you can even stream your video live.


Ezvid is another wonderful tool for creating reaction videos. This platform has a lot of keyboard shortcuts, so you can focus on your recording, rather than waste time on minor tweaks. The recorder also acts as an editor, where it automatically stitches multiple recordings together and you can cut, delete and edit the video within the tool itself.


This is another easy-to-use tool that has all the features required to create a simple reaction video. You can capture screen, webcam, audio etc. and also add captions from the tool itself. The free version only allows up to 15 minutes of capture though, and also places a watermark. Yet, you can try this one out and if you like it, go for the paid version which is relatively inexpensive.


Though Vmaker is designed for business meetings, it is also a great tool for creating collaborative reaction videos. You can use this to capture multiple people as well as your screen simultaneously and create a top-notch reaction video. The tool allows you to record 45 videos too, that most other recorders do not support.


Tinytake has a very intuitive UI that is extremely easy to learn. It is compatible with most devices and can capture all sorts of content. Though the free version has some restrictions, if you think this one’s for you, the paid version is very inexpensive and costs less than a cup of coffee a month!

There are thousands of YouTube channels that are creating reaction videos on all sorts of content, from movies and movie trailers to even reacting on another reaction video! With the screen recording tools mentioned above, you too can jump on the bandwagon and start creating reaction videos.

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