The Most Important Insights Youtubers Can Pick Up From News Anchors

When news anchors and journalists are on your TV screen, they capture your attention in such a way that you are just unable to change the channel. Now isn’t that what you want your YouTube audience to feel when they view your videos? News anchors undergo plenty of training, to a point where there is no room for errors. Here are a few news anchor skills you can pick up, to make your YouTube videos more engaging.

1. Adequate Knowledge

Just as a news anchor needs to be aware of what’s happening around the world in order to report wisely, similarly, YouTubers need to have deep knowledge of the topic that their channel is about. You can’t fake your way as a technological YouTuber without a basic understanding of processing speeds now, can you?

2. Engaging Viewers

News anchors are adept at speaking just the right amount of words needed to fill in time gaps in their events. A YouTuber might find this helpful when trying to fill lulls in their video, to avoid making the video boring. Being able to keep your audience engaged with your banter throughout your video is of utmost importance if you want to increase your watch time.

3. Camera Presence

Have you noticed how news anchors seem like they are talking directly to you? That’s because of the great camera presence that draws your attention towards them. Having a good posture, a bright smile and the confidence to put your words across is essential for any aspiring YouTuber. Practice speaking in front of a mirror or your family members. You can even film yourself and review the footage to find areas where you need to improve.

4. Command Of The Language

News anchors have a great command of the language they report in. They speak with clarity and confidence, no matter what they are reporting. This skill comes from several years of training and continuous learning, but you too can slowly build up to get to their level. Speak in the language you are most comfortable in and you can gradually build confidence as you make more videos.

5. Ethical Compass

While talking to a large audience, you need to be sensitive towards various aspects of society like disasters, religion, politics and current affairs. News anchors are constantly fed with news regarding violence, safety etc. that they have to address neutrally without seeming biased or insensitive. As a YouTuber, you too need to have such a moral compass such that your audience is not triggered or incited by your thoughts and opinions.

These were just a few things that a YouTuber can learn from news anchors. While these can be tough to master, the best news anchors make all of these seem easy. But putting in that extra effort to work on these can definitely help your YouTube channel in the long run.

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