How Safia Nygaard Grew Her Channel Over The Years

This bat-winged beauty is well known for her makeup experiments, absurd clothing trends and buying the most random stuff from the internet. Meet Safiya Nygaard, the queen of lipsticks, black clothes and everything in between. In the past 5 years, Safiya has successfully grown her YouTube channel to over 9 million subscribers.

But how did she grow her channel so fast? Here’s what you can learn from Safiya’s YouTube journey.

1. She began with a trending, viral video

Safiya initially worked with Buzzfeed and was one of the stars of Ladylike. But she wanted to connect with her fans directly, and thus quit and started posting on her own channel. She initially posted videos with her colleagues from Buzzfeed, but the video that first went viral was her ‘Why I left Buzzfeed’ one. This started a trend among other Buzzfeed employees, who went on to launch their respective YouTube channels with a similar video.

2. She makes videos about weird products

What makes Safiya’s channel most entertaining is her videos where she tries on random trends and absurd products. She picks already trending products that no one else is trying, and shows her experience with them. This has resulted in some uniquely titled videos like ‘I Wore The Ugliest Swimsuit In The World For A Day’ and ‘Wearing Clear Plastic Jeans For A Week’ that are bound to get clicks.

3. She has some innovative video series on her channel

Ever wondered what a mix of all the Bath & Body Works candles smelt like? Safiya has a video on that, and so many more questions that you might never ask! Her videos have such interesting concepts that appeal to audiences across nations, genders and age groups.

4. She goes the extra mile for her videos (literally!)

Most of Safiya’s videos are shot at her home. So she takes her videos up a notch every time she travels. A Safiya travel video isn’t just another travel vlog; she injects her spark into her travel as well. Her travel videos are just as entertaining, if not more, with her trying out fashion from these places or trying out unique experiences.

5. She takes her time to make high-quality videos

It’s a YouTube norm to post a video at least once/twice a week and be regular with the uploads. In the process, many Youtubers tend to compromise with the quality of their videos, just to keep up with the upload schedules. But Safiya takes her time to edit her highly entertaining videos. She has gone weeks, even months, without uploading any videos, but every time she publishes a new one, you can bet it’s flawless.

With over 9 million subscribers and over a billion views within 4 years, Safiya’s channel will be spoken about for years to come. She is among those few YouTubers who truly puts her all into her channel, and it shows. If you’re wondering what she’s up to lately, check out her new channel, ‘Safiya and Tyler’ where she streams live!

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(Header image credit: safiyany via Instagram)