Should You Use Stadia Crowd Play On Your YouTube Channel?

Ever since the pandemic and stay-at-home orders started, people have more time at hand now, not just to create content, but also to consume content. While live streaming has been all the rage in the past few years, it has seen phenomenal growth since 2020. YouTubers are now streaming video games, quizzes, reaction videos, 

Most gamers have been using services like Origin, Steam and Gog for online gaming. Here, the question arises: should you use Stadia Crowd Play to live stream on your YouTube channel? To answer this, let’s look into what Stadia Crowd Play has to offer and how this can benefit your channel.

What Is Stadia And Stadia Crowd Play?

Stadia, a cloud gaming service, is the latest offering from Google. It serves as a streaming platform for gamers and is compatible with a wide range of devices. With Stadia, Google aims to bring YouTube, streamers and gaming together on a single platform.

Stadia Crowd Play is the latest feature of Google Stadia that allows viewers of a live stream to play along with the streamer. With Crowd Play, your viewers can jump into the game you are playing and be a part of your stream.

How To Stream With Stadia And Stadia Crowd Play

Stadia has a variety of games that you can play online on various devices for a low monthly subscription. All you need to do is to connect your Stadia account to your YouTube and start the stream!

If the game allows Crowd Play, you can turn it on in the settings. This lets your YouTube viewers know that Crowd Play is on. They can then click on ‘Play on Stadia’ to join your lobby and start playing.

Pros and Cons Of Stadia Crowd Play

With Stadia Crowd Play, you can directly interact with your subscribers while you are playing. This helps build a relationship with your subs, which can benefit you a lot in the long run. Also, Stadia connects easily with YouTube, so there is very less overhead on setting up the stream.

But as Stadia is a very new service, they still don’t have many games in store. Also, Crowd Play might attract unwanted users who might use harsh language and arm your live stream. Stadia is still a work in progress and is yet to work on these challenges.

In conclusion, streaming via Stadia can be very beneficial to your YouTube channel. As both YouTube and Stadia are subsidiaries of Google, we might soon see many more avenues opening up for YouTubers who use Stadia. So start early and get a competitive edge over your peers!

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