What You Need To Know About The YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube Shorts are a great way to capture the audience’s attention with small trailer videos and direct them to your channel. This entirely new form of content shown to people all over the world through the YouTube homepage, is taking the industry by storm. But did you know that you could win money for posting YouTube Shorts? Here’s everything you need to know about the YouTube Shorts fund.

What is the YouTube Shorts fund?

To encourage more creators to publish Shorts, YouTube has introduced the YouTube Shorts fund. This is a $100 million fund that will be distributed among thousands of creators throughout 2021-2022. Each month, YouTube selects thousands of creators who achieved a significant impact by posting Shorts and rewards them from this fund.

As YouTube Shorts is still a beta feature, YouTube will also use this opportunity to get feedback from these creators on how Shorts can be improved. As YouTube Shorts aren’t monetised yet, this fund hopes to lay the foundation for Shorts monetisation in the upcoming years.

Unlike monetisation and other platform benefits, the YouTube Shorts fund is not restricted to creators in the YouTube Partner Program. Any creator posting Shorts is eligible for the YouTube Shorts fund, as long as they don’t violate any guidelines or copyrights.

With the new YouTube Shorts fund, YouTube is encouraging more creators to get started with Shorts. As YouTube already has a much larger footfall than the other platforms, YouTube Shorts can be an amazing way to grow a following on social media as well. So begin your journey with Shorts today!

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