A Booming Trend: Leverage Mystery Stories In Your Beauty And Makeup Channel

Mystery stories have been all the rage in the past few years. Shows like Netflix’s docuseries ‘Making a Murderer’ and Buzzfeed’s ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ YouTube channel are making a mark in the genre.  Digital creators are now tapping into this curiosity to create YouTube videos for an audience that enjoys mystery content.

Mystery + Makeup

Many beauty vloggers on YouTube have now started blending true crime with their makeup videos. YouTuber Bailey Sarain, often considered the founder of this genre, has over 70 ‘Get ready with me’ style videos in which she talks about a new true crime story in each video. This style has also been adopted by more creators such as Brittney Vaughn and Danielle Kirsty. This unique combination of mystery and makeup has a niche audience that you too can tap into.

How to create a mystery story video

Research: A quick online search can show you a lot of true crime/mystery stories. Find one that piques your interest and dive deep into the intricacies of this story. Collecting every bit of information you can find about the case should be a crucial part of your research.


Write: A well-written narrative can keep viewers hooked throughout the video. With the information you’ve collected, create a script for the story you wish to tell in your video. Make it as interesting as possible, and use the right words to help viewers visualise the story in their minds.


Shoot your video: Like any other ‘Get Ready With Me’ style video, record yourself applying your makeup. As you do so, narrate the story to your viewers, just like you would to a friend or family member. Don’t just state facts, but also include your thoughts and reaction to the narrative.

Channels that can inspire you

  1. Bailey Sarian: One of the top creators in this genre, Bailey has merged true crime and makeup, with a sprinkle of humour, on her channel. She has an entire series of videos, aptly titled ‘Murder mystery and makeup’ on her channel which she uploads every Monday.

2. Robert Welsh: This UK-based makeup artist focuses specifically on ghost stories mostly sourced from his subscribers. He reads out several of these crowdsourced stories per video while doing his makeup. His unique reactions and comedic insights on these stories are what sets his videos apart from the rest.

Unsolved crimes, murder mysteries, conspiracy theories, paranormal activities etc. have always been known to attract an audience, whether it is in movies, TV shows, novels or even documentaries. The gripping stories have viewers at the edge of their seats to know what happens next. Combine these stories with your videos, and you can quickly grow your channel, just like the YouTubers mentioned above.

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