Everything You Need To Know About YouTube AAPI Creators

To commemorate the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month that was celebrated throughout the month of May, YouTube showcased the stories of selected AAPI creators. Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube AAPI creators.

What is AAPI?

AAPI, which stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, is a widely used term that refers to people in the United States who are of Asian ancestry or are descendants of indigenous people from the Pacific Islands. This includes people from the Far East like China, Southeast Asia like Japan and Korea, South Asia like India and Pakistan, and Pacific Islands such as Indonesia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

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Why YouTube is highlighting AAPI creators

To uplift the AAPI community and stand by the #StopAsianHate movement, YouTube showcases top AAPI creators on the platform. These creators each created a YouTube video dedicated to their life as an AAPI living in North America. In these videos, they addressed their struggles and prejudices, while juggling multiple languages and customs.

Who are the YouTube AAPI creators?

The musicians featured in May 2021 include Steve Aoki, Audrey Nuna and Raja Kumari, among others. Youtube has created a 5 hour+ playlist on YouTube music showcasing these artists’ songs. Apart from musicians, the Spotlight channel also highlighted the works of writer-comedian Hasan Minhaj, artist Amanda Rach Lee, beauty influencer PatrickStarr, and many more. You can find all their videos here:

How YouTube is amplifying AAPI history

YouTube has launched two playlists on YouTube Learning that pay tribute to AAPI communities. While one is about exploring AAPI history, the other highlights Asian American heroes who have made notable contributions to society. On YouTube Kids, YouTube has featured Conscious Kids and Wong Fu productions in ‘AAPI Storytime’ videos that have AAPI celebrities reading children’s books aloud to the viewers.

YouTube brought together AAPI creators, coming from various backgrounds and in different creative fields, to educate viewers on AAPI representation in the industry. Their stories are no different from the stories of most AAPI people and give a great insight into the struggles they face as outsiders in their own country. Their journey can set an inspiring roadmap for upcoming AAPI creators.

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