Top 5 Trends In The Creator Community

YouTuber content evolves over the years, not only with age but also with trends. Keeping your content and revenue streams up-to-date is crucial to stay relevant for the audience. Want to know what are the latest trends in the creator community? Here’s what our favourite creators are upto!

Creator economy

Gone are the days when creators are just endorsing other brands and merchandise. Several of the top YouTubers are now building their own brands and companies. Many are also investing in up-and-coming start-ups that caught their eye. YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, recently started a chain of clour kitchens called MrBeast burgers. Emma Chamberlain, who’s never seen without a coffee in her vlogs, has her own coffee brand called Chamberlain Coffee.

Gaming channels

The pandemic has kept most of our favourite creators in the confines of their homes, leading them to engage in other hobbies and activities. In the past year or so, a lot of them have started playing video games, not just by themselves but also with other creators. The rise in gaming channels has been huge, as most creators want to keep the gaming content separate from the rest of their videos. They live stream their games while also chatting with the viewers through the live chat, creating an interactive experience for their audience.

More raw, unedited content/vlogs

Viewers today are tired of watching highly produced and near-perfect videos. They now prefer to watch the little hiccups, bloopers, behind-the-scene banter etc. as it shows your true self a little more. By putting your raw content for the world to see, your viewers connect with you a lot more, and will stay to watch more of you. In YouTuber Alisha Marie’s vlogs, you might feel like she’s talking to you over FaceTime!

Rise of audio-only content

A lot of YouTubers are leveraging the audio-only platforms to increase their YouTube viewership. With podcasts, they also have a new stream of ad revenue, with a lot less effort than with YouTube videos. By engaging with viewers on audio-only platforms like ClubHouse and Discord, they maintain their connection with subscribers even when they aren’t uploading videos.

Rise of sustainability content

A lot of YouTubers are also documenting their journey of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Thrifting hauls, minimalism, zero-waste switches and other similar sustainability content make up a significant chunk of YouTube videos. These videos not only show viewers how to choose a better lifestyle but also give them options to make the switch easily. YouTubers like Matt D’Avella and Sarah Therèse have a wide range of videos talking about their minimal lifestyle.

All of these trends might not resonate with your content, but you’ll definitely find something that does. Trying new trends can breathe some fresh air into your videos by bringing in different types of content and narratives. Hope this article helped you find your next YouTube inspo!

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