YouTube Shorts VS Instagram Stories: Which One Is Better For A Content Creator?

Instagram is not a new name in the world of content creation. It has been around for over a decade now. YouTube Shorts, on the other hand, is a new feature introduced by YouTube. It is merely a year old but has already seen a huge audience using this feature. Let us draw a comparison between YouTube Shorts and Instagram stories and go over the various features they have to offer.


Choosing an audience

When you post an Instagram story, if your account is public it can be seen by anyone and if your account is private, it is only visible to your followers. In YouTube Shorts, you can choose whether your content is for kids or not. You can also put an age restriction on your videos i.e. only users above the age of 18 can view it. This feature is not available on Instagram stories. 

Check out this video on the COPPA guidelines on YouTube Shorts.


Stickers and Filters

When we talk about Instagram stories, there is a wide variety of filters and fun stickers to choose from. They enhance the aesthetic of the videos to a great extent. As for YouTube Shorts, there aren’t many filters to choose from and no stickers feature.

Learn how to bedazzle your Instagram stories with the best stickers and GIFs


Duration and Visibility 

The maximum length of one Instagram story is just 15 seconds while YouTube Shorts have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours but by highlighting the story, it remains on the account even after its disappearance. YouTube Shorts remain on your profile forever till you delete it. You can schedule your YouTube Shorts posts, make it private (only visible to you) or public.



Adding music makes your posts even better. Instagram has more choices than YouTube Shorts. Other than that, the voiceover feature of Instagram allows you to add your own audio over the song. This feature is not available in YouTube Shorts. 

Here’s how you can add music to your YouTube Shorts.


Fonts and Colours 

Instagram offers a plethora of fonts to choose from. YouTube Shorts do not offer that level of variety. Instagram allows you to make custom colours by long pressing on the colour cakes but YouTube Shorts don’t have many colour options.


Upon drawing a comparison between YouTube Shorts and Instagram stories, the latter’s features outweigh the former’s. Even though Instagram has more features to offer, YouTube Shorts will surely introduce more and more features in the coming years as it evolves. 

Learn the basics of YouTube Shorts and Instagram stories and create attractive posts for your profile.

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