CosMarketing Agency: A Refuge For The Small Business Community

Small businesses are the backbone of every economy. But due to their lack of financial resources, they are unable to get noticed online or earn some brand recognition. Katrina Tecxidor saw the problem and decided to start CosMarketing Agency in Orlando, Florida. CosMarketing is primarily to help the small business community succeed.

They believe in and follow one fundamental principle; no two businesses are alike. Therefore, they ensure all the marketing strategies their team of experts come up with are customised and tailor-made. This is done for the specific and varying needs of every small business.

Let us take a look into the plethora of marketing services CosMarketing agency has to offer for your small business:


Reaching your services to your customers is a priority in any business. The days of solely relying on business cards and posters for advertising are behind us. Much to the delight of small business owners, CosMarketing not only recognises this but also embraces it. In today’s rapid technological advancement, CosMarketing taps into the potential of online platforms that can help bring various small businesses on the map.


Small businesses in any field have a tough time due to a lack of resources and excessive advertising of huge companies. The only way to get their products and services noticed is by building brand awareness.

Small businesses need an outlet, a platform that will help them reach their target consumers. This is where CosMarketing’s various content creators, digital marketers, and content planners come into play.


When it comes to website and brand-related services for your small business, CosMarketing aims at creating both standard, multiple pages, and streamlined, one page, sites. Today, Chatbots have become an integral part of any kind of website. They have automated responses to several basic questions the consumers may have. Questions that are not very complicated. Chatbots can save small businesses a fortune that they otherwise would have spent on many customer service agents. Having chatbots on your website is unarguably the best way to connect to new consumers.


The aesthetics of logos and banners of a small business have to be spot on and eye-catching. It should be aesthetically pleasing but at the same time give the consumers a basic idea of what the small business is actually about. Reaching this level of accuracy can be difficult for a small business owner who may or may not have any know-how in the graphic designing space. CosMarketing has a team of talented and creative graphic designers who can handle the visual components of your small business.


Apart from taking care of your small business’ brand development and redesigning needs, CosMarketing can also manage automation. This may include email marketing, SMS, pop up ad campaigns and so on. From time to time, an automated email will be sent to your audience and prospective clients. This email will contain short and crisp information regarding the products and/or services you have to offer. Other than that, these emails will also help your consumers stay up to speed with the latest updates and news regarding your business.


With its search engine optimization services and vigorous advertising campaigns, CosMarketing will leave no stone unturned in drawing huge traffic to your website. They will help in virtually transporting your services to the desired audience.


As stated earlier, CosMarketing believes that no two small businesses are alike. Some small business owners may like to outsource their marketing needs while some would like to learn and handle their marketing operations on their own. Naturally, CosMarketing has got the latter covered too. By employing their consulting services, you can learn the basics of social media management i.e. how to build and maintain your online presence, get help with content creation and content planning, learn how to analyse social media analytics and get research material on your competitors.


Small businesses also require extremely important services like videography and photography. To make social media handles and websites more attractive, photographs and videos are essential. CosMarketing can help you display your unique content in the most attractive and attention-grabbing way possible. They offer on-site video and photo shoots and also comply with all the government issues guidelines to follow during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Here, they have highlighted the difference between small businesses that hire a marketing agency and businesses that do not. They have also explained how it would be beneficial for your small business to have a consulting marketing agency on your side. Working with them is an investment that helps your business flourish and prosper.

Wildout Animal and Pest Removal are one of their many satisfied clients. The creators of CosMarketing helped visualize the problem and show the customer a solution. They also helped improve brand awareness by setting up Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Helped reach out to customers in need by improving their brand awareness.

CosMarketing will help your small business flourish and thrive in these uncertain times. Keeping the covid guidelines in mind, they aim at working tirelessly towards providing their services and maximizing your reach in the small business world. With CosMarketing Agency’s myriad of services, you can avail any marketing service for your small business at any time.

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