Slow-Mode: The Feature to Slow Down Your Livechat

Do you have a tough time responding to viewers during live streams? Live streaming is the bridge to connecting with your audience in real-time. 

But, the actual middle-man is the chat feature. With this feature, your audience can reach you directly.

During a live stream, though, you have viewers from across the world tuning in. You have a plethora of people texting in the chat section and you can barely see the whirlpool of texts on your screen. In such chaos, you’re unable to hear them out, let alone connect with them.

If you want to read, respond and engage with all your viewers, slow-mode is the feature for you.


Slow mode basically slows down your live chat. It lets you set a time limit between chat messages. It limits the number of times an individual user can post. With this feature, you can set a time limit from 1 second to 5 minutes. This feature has no bearing on you, your moderators, or paid channel members. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available for mobile streams yet.  


Click on the video symbol on your YouTube Dashboard and choose “Go Live”.  After filling in the necessary details in the “details section,” click “Next”. Under the “Customization” option, select “Slow mode” and type a number between 1 to 300. The limit can be from 1 second to 300 seconds. 

This feature comes in handy during live streams. Enable it and enhance your livestreaming experience.

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