How Does YouTube Content ID Work?

YouTube has time and again been extremely particular about copyright ownership. You are either allowed to post your original content, or content you have been authorised to use. One of the ways YouTube aims at enforcing its copyright policy is through Content ID.


Content ID is a system wherein videos posted by other creators are compared to the videos submitted by the copyright owners. It allows creators to keep a track of and manage their content. 

The basic parameters that qualifies one’s content for Content ID are:-

  • Owning exclusive rights to the video
  • Content being distinct

Basically, the videos uploaded are scanned against the content of the creator. They get to decide what happens as and when a match is found. That video gets a Content ID claim. 

Content ID claim and copyright takedown are different. Copyright takedown will get your channel a copyright strike. On the other hand, Content ID claim is not as serious. 

Upon receiving a Content ID claim, your video will either be blocked in some territories, or it will be monetized. Ads will be placed in your video and the revenue earned from those ads will go to the copyright owner. 

How do you deal with a Content ID claim?

There are primarily 2 ways by which you can deal with a Content ID claim. 

  1. Removing the part that has been claimed by the copyright holder.
  2. In case of an audio claim, either mute or replace the song.

Learn more about the difference between Content ID Claim and copyright takedown.

Keeping up with all the copyright policies of YouTube can be difficult. But it is of utmost importance that you follow all the guidelines to avoid any repercussions that may harm your channel.

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