6 ways to promote YouTube video without social media

Every YouTuber promotes their blogs on various platforms. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are popularly known for promoting YouTube video. But we often miss out on the significant audience out there that lies outside these platforms. Also, not everyone is an expert in social media marketing.  That is why we bring you 6 unique ways to promote YouTube video outside social media.

1. Email Marketing – Keep that list high

Email remains a popular method for keeping in touch with customers and acquiring new ones. Besides being more accurate, social media platforms’ popularity constantly changes. By using email and referral plans with existing customers, several brands have grown their brands without having to rely on social media.

You can discover your email list while collaborating with other bloggers or data providing agencies. You can also ask your viewers to leave their email addresses in the comment section. 

2. Build an Online community and share your work.

You should participate in popular online communities created within your industry and share your video content. For example, you are a member of an inbound marketing agency and participate in a discussion where several people are having trouble with their inbound efforts. Show them how you can help by sharing your explainer video.


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3. Work on SEO, that’s a tip to promote YouTube videos without media platforms

An effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program will allow you to build credibility and capture active intent from the outset. SEO is the go-to option for brands rather than paid search because it’s free! In today’s digital age, owning the SERPs (search engine results pages) demands attention to both.

You should start with your YouTube topic to find the right keywords. You can choose keywords based on the topic you enter in YouTube’s search bar using autosuggest. Besides that, there are many tools on YouTube that can assist you in finding the keywords that your target audience is searching for, so you can create the right content and optimise it to rank well.

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4. Collaboration on with other youtubers

Collaboration is not only on social media but on other platforms. Promoting your content with other bloggers and YouTubers is best to bring traffic to your videos. Don’t forget this can be your major hit. 

Promote YouTube video without social media

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5. Algorithm trick to promote YouTube video without social media

Instagram and Facebook have algorithms, and YouTube does too. These videos are shown to viewers based on in-built machine learning. You should know what YouTube likes and dislikes. Algorithms change constantly, so you should know what YouTube wants and can wish to promote. They never go out of style!

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6. Promoting YouTube video, Think of Webinars

It is also possible to reach a larger audience by participating in webinars. Here, you are teaching about a particular topic on someone else’s platform (in this case, their YouTube account). It would also be possible to conduct a webinar or workshop on a subject both of you have expertise.

Giving you access to similar audiences it’s a mutually beneficial strategy. Additionally, you’ll likely gain some new viewers after providing your audience with valuable content!

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