Call To Action in YouTube video: The complete list

Engaging your viewers is often the easiest way to get your videos noticed, and adding a call to action to your YouTube videos will allow you to achieve this. So here are five ways to place your call-to-action to encourage viewers to do more:

1. “Do not forget to like, share and subscribe”

Your video might bounce from your Call to action screens. If it is placed at the beginning of the video and left there until the end, it may generate more clicks. The link will be available to those who exit your video before the end. Watching the video from beginning to end is the most likely path to your desired action, and most likely, click on it.

Call to action

2. “Watch this next” 

YouTube’s autoplay function suggests videos are in a similar genre or talk about similar topics. If you have a video that talks about a comparable topic, tell your audience to watch it. This can be done in multiple ways. Mention the video between your content, and add a video link in the comment or description section. 

Call to action

3. “Do click on the subscribe button below”

Subscribers get notified when a new video is uploaded to YouTube. The channel also features your videos on its homepage. You’ll gain more views as they will see your videos more frequently. YouTube keeps track of how many subscribers you get after posting videos. When your video receives many new subscribers, your ranking will rise, and you will get more features in their related section.

Call to action

4.“For updates on our videos, subscribe to our social media channels.”

If you include social media buttons in your videos, your most loyal YouTube subscribers will become your most engaged fans on social media. Place your social media buttons icons at the beginning of the video and the end. 

Call to action

5. “Link in the description box below”

It is possible to encourage viewers to take the desired action using the description section of your YouTube videos. When you are not able to place a call to action on your end screen, or you do not want your viewers to be bombarded with pop-ups during your video, a description is the best place to put them. Before watching a video or after watching it, most people read the description.

Call to action


Keeping visitors engaged through a call to action is an old trick, but placing them snappily is the trick of brilliant YouTubers. So, place your call to action for a reaction from your audience! For more tips and tricks, follow

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