Lighting – Tips and Tricks for Your Next At-Home Shoot

When most of us think of shooting from home, we think of limited resources or limited free-movement space. Here’s how you can step up your game with these ideas and methods while also shooting from your own home on a shoestring budget because adequate video lighting doesn’t have to take a lot of time or be expensive.

  1. Use natural light

The most powerful and cost-effective light source available is the most straightforward solution when it comes to video lighting. The sun is shining! Allow the sun to beam straight on your face when getting ready to photograph anything on camera. This will provide a lovely, even light that will help to conceal flaws and bring out the colours in your eyes. Suppose the sunlight is too harsh on your skin. In that case, a very sheer white curtain or even a translucent white shower curtain will help soften the brightness. You could also pick a time in the evening when the sun is perfect, also called the “golden hour”.


  1. Make a three-point light for dimly lit areas

If you want to emulate a more traditional video lighting configuration, confine the window to one side of your face, known as key lighting. Fill lighting is what you’ll need to light the opposite half of your face. To compensate, place a lamp with a daylight-coloured bulb on the other side of your face. If the shadows are still bothering you, try using a bounce to reflect the light onto your face. A piece of white card stock can also be used. Even aluminium foil can bounce light back into your face from the window.


  1. For nighttime filming, use a couple of lamps

Two lamps, one on the left and one on the right, are all that are required. Arrange them 45 degrees to either side of your face, right over your eye line. These two bulbs should assist reduce shadows on your face and light you evenly during your following webcam address.

Suppose you frequently take videos on your phone. In that case, a small ring light attachment can make a significant difference in how you appear on camera.


  1. Be cautious of your backlight

Most webcams have autoexposure, which means that if your video has a bright lamp, TV, computer screen, or window in the background, your camera will focus on that. Unless you’re in the witness protection programme, this will put you in the shadows, which isn’t ideal. Spend some time getting that light in front of you rather than behind you! (We swear it’ll be worth it if you have to rearrange some furniture to make this happen.)

  1. When it comes to video illumination, try to avoid mixing it up

When creating your video lighting setup, you may feel compelled to integrate all of the light sources available in your home. Defy your instincts. Using different colour temperatures (for example, warm light from a lamp paired with excellent sunlight) can cause your camera to adjust to the new white balance, making your images look different. Most businesses sell daylight colour bulbs (5,000-6,000K) but go with natural lighting if in doubt.

Don’t allow a lack of equipment to stop you from getting more footage. You may use these methods to keep your videos clear, even if you only have a webcam or a phone camera. Please don’t get so caught up in it that you lose sight of the fact that this is supposed to be a fun experience.

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