5 best youtube marketing channels to subscribe to for new ideas

Marketers can benefit from YouTube’s new ideas and tactics to improve SEO and get more views. YouTube offers a wide variety of marketing content. These youtube marketing channels feature some of the best youtube marketing channels you need to follow.

Neil Patel

He is a New York Times bestselling author, an entrepreneur and one of the top influencers on the Web. Through Neil Patel Digital, he creates innovative marketing plans and strategies based on his industry insight. Neil Patel focuses his efforts on bridging the gap in marketing knowledge. 

Businesses are lagging because they are intimidated by the industry. That’s where Neil Patel’s insights come into the picture. With Neil Patel Digital and his marketing blog and his podcast, organizations can increase their traffic and engagement with their audience. His podcast and blogs engage their audience with various insights related to youtube vlogging, Website development, SEO tips and much more. 

Neil Patel - YouTube marketing channel

The Ahrefs tool

The Ahrefs YouTube channel has a wealth of content for SEOs and online marketers alike. Not surprising since Ahrefs is an SEO powerhouse. Ahrefs’ YouTube channel is an excellent source of helpful tutorials covering everything from keyword research to link building to technical SEO.

In addition to SEO tutorials, Ahrefs offers a few case studies of marketing experiments conducted by the company. This commitment to consistency is why Ahrefs’ YouTube channel has more viewers and followers than its competitors. Exactly what linking practices Ahrefs used in building backlinks to their SEO statistics blog post is explained in the Ahrefs link building case study.

The Ahrefs marketing YouTube channel should be on your radar if you want to learn how to grow organic traffic.

Ahfen - YouTube marketing Channel

Brian Dean

Brian Dean’s in-depth guides can be helpful when you’re just starting in SEO and want to learn various SEO concepts that will help your site rank higher. Learn how to use SEO, links, and content marketing strategies to increase your company’s revenue with Dean’s channel. 

He uses real-life examples and SEO case studies to show how he increases the organic traffic to his website. This link building case study, for instance, describes how the “Guestographics” strategy helped another reader boost his site’s search traffic by over 900%.

The Noah Kagan

Serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan is head of sumo at AppSumo, one of the biggest online marketplaces for entrepreneurs. Nathan’s YouTube channel is about marketing experiments, growth hacking techniques, productivity tips, and interviews with entrepreneurs using innovative marketing techniques to grow their businesses.

The most-watched video on his channels is how Elon Musk made his first million. He also has a series that deconstructs how millionaires and billionaires make money.


Flintzy focuses on promoting your YouTube videos through premium digital networks to give your channel a leg up in the right direction. Flintzy helps you generate more YouTube views, increase your audience base, and achieve viral success on your YouTube channel. The channel is designed to help YouTube creators of all levels achieve their goals – whether you’re starting your own YouTube channel or relaunching an existing pipeline, Flintzy can help.

I’m curious to know your favourite YouTube channel for marketing tips. Please share your favourite in the comments section below. Let me know why it is your favourite channel for marketing advice and your favourite track.

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