Pride month: 10 ideas to get more views on your YouTube channel

Your identity is who you are, so love big and love proud. Pride month is celebrating this love with your loved ones. This is why we brought you 10 unique ways to celebrate pride and get more views. 


1. Spread awareness about pride month

The best way to start a conversation about pride month and get more views is by spreading awareness. YouTubers can begin by talking about the history of pride month and its importance. This will enhance the relationship with the topic, and this will serve as starters and audiences to know what’s coming ahead. 

2. Build a connectivity

You might never know who is watching your video, and if the audience doesn’t relate to your content, you might lose them. That’s why it is essential to build connectivity with everyone. Bringing inclusion and diversity in your content that supports pride month and the LGBTQ community is necessary. 

3. Encourage viewers to attend pride parades – Or host one yourself

Pride parades are filled with colours and are recognised to love, so why not attend one. Encourage your viewers to participate in a pride parade. If not, stream it live for them on your YouTube channel. With new trends, one can host their parade online. 

4. Discover LGBTQ+ Films, TV Shows, And Literature together

Discover movies and shows with your viewers about the LGBTQ++ communities. If this does not follow into your genres, another video like that relates to you watching a movie or reading this book. 

5. Wear Your Pride On Your Sleeve 

Merchandise is popular with the growing YouTube culture. YouTubers can customise their merchandise and send it across to their viewers, and YouTubers can do this in the form of giveaways. 

6. Share Your Favorite Pride Memories

Like sharing your favourite movie or TV show, Share your favourite pride memories with your viewers. For starters, a memory from the parade. This will help your viewers to connect with you and create engagement. 

7. Create something together

If you don’t have a memory of your own, Create one. YouTubers can do this by working on creating something together. Creating a DIY or a flag, a dress, or just interacting with your views is a great way to build a community of your own and support.

8. Pride month Interaction

So, ensure you are interacting with your audience. Try creating quizzes or giveaways. Ask for stories from your audience on their favourite memory, and look for more than interacting for a month.

9. Host an Inclusion Workshop

Hosting a workshop on laws, policies, or something just creative that brings inclusion can also help grow the month’s pride. This is where you can bring in the idea of holding webinars and Online parades. 

10. Book an LGBTQ++ Speaker

Collaborate with speakers talking about pride month or YouTubers who serve similar content and have opened out about like a part of the LGBTQ community. This will build the knowledge of the audience.

These 10 ideas will connect you to your audience and help you reach more people. Ideally getting more views. Try them out and tell us which one worked best for you. 


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