How YouTuber can build an Instagram audience from 0 to 1000

Instagram has grown over the years and with time not only businesses but YouTubers have also tried and experimented with the social media platform. This has provided them with great opportunities and also has seen growth in their audience parameters.

But being a big media house itself, it is difficult to grow on Instagram. So, here are 7 tips and tricks to grow your audience on Instagram to benefit your youtube channels. 

1. Your profile should be created and optimized.

Creating a custom Instagram profile is the first step you should take. Describe your background and who you are to your potential followers so they can see why they should follow you.

In what way? As with your business name, your username should be recognizable and easy to search. Make your business name the first part of your username if your business name is already taken so that people searching for you will find you easier. 

Optimize Instagram SEO

2. Choose a content creator.

A single person should manage your Instagram account, just as a single person should manage your other social media accounts. Be sure they stay updated with the latest Instagram features like Reels and IGTV if possible – someone with experience on the platform will “get” it.

Too many people on the profile will give away mixed voices and just might confuse the audience. 

Content creator meme

3. Use best practices when photographing and editing.

It is essential to post quality content on Instagram. The majority of the time. Unprofessional tweets might be forgiven on Twitter, but bad pictures on Instagram are not.

Being a successful Instagram poster doesn’t require taking a photography course or practising for weeks beforehand. Even if you don’t want to take photos professionally, it’s still a worthwhile idea to learn some basic photography tips.

Use best practices when photographing and editing.

4. Make postings a regular part of your day.

The next step is to start posting after creating your profile, optimizing it, and having someone manage it.

Before you start engaging people and working down this list, you should have a solid number of posts up – perhaps 15 or so. People can see your full profile, and they’ll see you regularly post high-quality content if they visit your profile. Several days or weeks before your publication date, develop a backlog of content.

5. Curate your content with the help of outside contributors.

A single or two people can’t be everywhere at the same time taking photos, even if it’s the best thing to do. How was yesterday’s sushi night with the engineers? Did your head of sales speak at the event earlier this week?

Your Instagram feed will be filled with a wide variety of content, and one person will probably be unable to manage it all. Are there any solutions? Set up a system for team members to share photos and content.

Curate your content with the help of outside contributors.

6. Keep your brand voice consistent across platforms.

Instagram posts should include photos, videos, and captions, as well as comments and other text. It establishes credibility and relatability, rather than formality or intimidation. In developing a voice, you should consider your platform and audience. 

Influencers and prominent Instagram accounts, for instance, often maintain a very casual voice and style while maintaining a professional image. Your captions, comments, messages, and bio should all reflect your voice, so make sure it’s consistent and natural.

Keep your brand voice consistent across platforms.

7. Captions should be engaging and shareable.

It is important to include captions in your posts – the frosting on the cake if you will. By consistently crafting great captions, you can win over followers, increase shares, and gain exposure for your brand.

Captions should be engaging and shareable.


 Use these small tips to engage your audience with your Instagram profile and grow on your YouTuber channel. Follow for more. 

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