How to Promote Your TEDx Talk Video

It’s thrilling to be a speaker and share your knowledge with an audience. It’s even more exciting to spread your word to as many people as possible so that they can benefit from it. So, if you’re looking for ways to get your message out there, here’s how you can take your talk to a large audience:


Some speakers gain thousands of views by simply sharing their skills within their circle. So, reach out to everyone in your network requesting them to bring in views.  Ask your family, friends, and even friends of friends to help reach out further. Encourage them to make the first move by liking, commenting, and sharing.


Take it home by promoting your video on your blog! If you have a blog, embed your video on the front page of your blog. You can also tease your talk in your other blog posts.

Having a personal blog or even an event website makes it simple to sell your show, keep track of upcoming events, and even promote it. So, if you don’t have a website yet, here’s your sign to create one! 


It is no surprise that social media is the most used promotional tool. Give your social media audience a sneak peek of your talk by posting snippets of it on all your socials.

Watch your talk and search for small bits you can include on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts as well as stories. Find catchy bits, slogans, catchphrases, and dialogues from your video and tailor them to advertise your content.


Create buzz around your video by engaging your audience with fun activities! Quiz your social media viewers on the topic covered in your video. This boosts engagement while also ensuring that people watch the entire video and do not miss any facts!

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Keep your email list in the loop! If you have an email list, share your video with them with an eye-catching headline that will get them to click.

Your message should be short, sweet, and simple. Since your goal is to get people to watch the video, keep it brief and drop the link to the video at the end. 


Suggest your video on sites like Quora and Reddit where people are always looking for answers that can help. Search for questions regarding your talk’s topic and check whether your video can answer them.

Promote Your TEDx Talk Video

You can also try your hand at a Buzzfeed or Upworthy promotion! Submit your video to Buzzfeed and  Upworthy where people look forward to getting to know inspirational people and stories.


Make some noise about your video whether you’ve hit 1000 or million views. Address your audience directly to keep gaining more traction. Take all replies, reactions, recommendations, queries and convert them into a video! This will not only satisfy your existing audience but also drive more viewers to your talk.


Make it easy by reaching out to promotional tools out there that help you promote your work. At Flintzy, we can help you gain real views, organic growth, and engagement. So if you want to boost your video and gain all the buzz, contact us at!   

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