How to Get Your Video Featured on the YouTube Homepage

The YouTube Homepage is home to content that resonates with a viewer’s personal interests. However, getting featured on the homepage also depends on current trends and the video’s success. YouTube features bring big exposure to new audiences and also boost overall channel growth. So, here’s how you can get your video featured on the YouTube homepage:


Have you ever opened YouTube with the intention of watching just one video but ended up spending hours on the site? This happens thanks to the YouTube algorithm. It recommends videos based on viewers’ interests and keeps them on the site for as long as possible.

Make the algorithm work for you by posting and engaging with your audience regularly. Create as many videos as you can, stay active on YouTube, and have a sufficient number of videos on your channel to boost your chances of being featured on the YouTube homepage.

Here are 7 YouTube algorithm hacks that will attract viewers and hike engagement rates.


Creating content that appeals to a large audience as well as the YouTube Algorithm is a win-win. So, get your viewers binging! Your videos should keep them hooked and leave them wanting more. Once YouTube notices viewers binging on your channel’s videos, it will start recommending you on other homepages. 


Playlists keep viewers watching a stream of videos for long stretches of time. Playlists are a powerful tool to get people to spend more time on your channel and improve your channel’s reach on YouTube. They double your chances of appearing on the YouTube homepage as well as in search engine results. 


Related videos or Suggested videos appear at the top right corner of a video’s watch page or after a particular video has ended. These are topically related, YouTube-recommended videos that viewers may be interested in watching next. Related videos can extend your watch time and also boost your click-through rate.

YouTube Homepage

To get on Related videos, make a follow-up video with more pointers to popular videos in your niche. Use effective calls-to-action and end-screen options like YouTube cards. Create a script for your video that will grab attention at the start and compel them to take action at the end.


– In YouTube Analytics, click “Advanced” in the right-hand corner.

– Go to the top of the screen and click the “traffic source” tab. 

– Select “suggested videos” from the shown list.

You will now get a list of your channel’s best related/suggested videos. Use this information to up your game against competitors.


Hop on trends that are gaining attention. Making a video surrounding the latest hot gossip in your niche can fuel your viewership dramatically.

Reaction videos instantly reach home pages as they usually respond to trending topics. Many fashion influencers took to social media after the annual met gala of 2022, reacting to the most controversial looks. Watch how Mina Li’s video “Met Gala 2022: celebs fumbled the easiest theme ever” racked up millions of views.


YouTube promotes videos targeted to a particular local audience. So, create videos that will work well in your country. Make videos that your country’s target audience would like to watch and interact with; such as “Best sushi restaurants in Japan”. Additionally, add translations in your video transcripts to improve visibility for your local viewers.


Evergreen videos have a long shelf life. They remain relevant even years after they were made. For example, video ideas like “how to avoid procrastination” “Mistakes new YouTubers make”, and so on.

Since old videos relevant to viewers’ interests are also displayed on the homepage, making evergreen content increases your chances in the long run


Many times, small YouTubers blow up just because of a single video that went viral. So, promote your best-performing video which has received the most views and highest engagement rate. This video should link back to the other videos on your channel. 

You can do this by using customized end screens, end cards, enabling autoplay and even centering your playlists around this video.

To find out your best-performed video, get a list of the most subscribers gained and most liked video. 

In YouTube Analytics, click on “Advanced” in the top right corner. Under “Video”, click on “Subscribers gained”. You will get a list of videos listed by most subscribers gained in alphabetical order. 

You can also get insights on your most-liked videos. To do this, under “Video”, click on “Likes” instead of “Subscribers”.

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