8 Ways to use Pinterest to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Being a search engine and a social media platform- Pinterest has it all. With 445 Million monthly users, It’s the perfect platform for building a strong YouTube fanbase and a successful long-term strategy. So, here are 7 Ways to use Pinterest to Promote Your YouTube Channel:


Pinterest favors and promotes vertical images over horizontal ones. So, optimize your horizontal thumbnail images to vertical format. To create an eye-catching, Pinterest-worthy image, use a platform like Canva to customize your pins with ease

Pinterest to Promote Your YouTube Channel


A Pinterest Board is a collection of pins where you save topically related Pins in your niche. Anybody can make Pinboards, share them, and even collaborate with friends and other pinners. 

Since Pinterest can bring traffic from Google searches as well, keep SEO in mind while naming your boards. Organize and categorize your Pins on a variety of boards so that your followers can easily search for and follow the boards that interest them.


One great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need a ton of original content to get started. You can start off by pinning and creating boards of content that already exists. 

If you’re just starting out, make sure you have at least five boards with 20 pins each at a minimum. To create more visibility, repin or save other people’s pins to one or more of your pinboards.


An Idea Pin contains multiple images or videos. Similar to Instagram and YouTube stories, but the catch here is that they don’t disappear after 24 hrs and stay in your feed forever! 

Another plus point is that you don’t have to follow a person to see their idea pins. They can appear at the top of viewers’ home feeds months or even years later. Idea pins receive 9x higher engagement than regular pins or videos. 

With this feature, you can share snippets of your content, tutorials, step-by-step guides, share your story, convince pinners to follow you, and redirect them to your channel.


Using the right keywords in your Pin Titles and Descriptions boosts your chances of appearing in a Google search. So make sure your Pin title matches your YouTube video title. If you have already done your keyword research for your YouTube video, sprinkle them in your Pin titles and descriptions.

Pinterest Descriptions can be up to 500 characters. Make the most of them by talking to your audience about your pin’s purpose. Since Pinterest supports a more conversational atmosphere, avoid cluttering your content with too many keywords and talk to your audience in simple, everyday language.


Pinterest allows you to include a “destination link” to your pins. This means you can automatically redirect viewers to your YouTube channel. So, post small snippets of your YouTube video that hooks viewers and drives them to watch the entire thing. 

Watch how YouTuber Dhar Mann uses Pinterest to create buzz around his channel. He posts two 15-second clips- 1 including the most exciting bits in his videos and another Behind the scenes video to gain more traction.


Pinterest Group Boards are a fantastic way to repin your content and increase your visibility. With Group boards you can collaborate with other pinners and share your own ideas about a specific topic.

For example, if you’re a fashion creator, you can join a fashion group board where pinners are looking for fashion ideas. This way you directly reach out to and share your content with more people. So, Find and join as many group boards as you can!


Pinterest favors pins that link back to a blog post since their aim is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible. 

A majority of pins link back to a blog post that has videos in their blog post. Such pins do exceptionally well in gaining traction. So, if you have a blog, include relevant videos in your articles to support points in your blog topics.

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