How To Grow Your Channel As A Musician?

You don’t have to be a professional YouTuber or a musician to know how cut throat the competition is. The beauty of the industry is that you can get popular either overnight or it will take you years. While YouTube sure is an extremely famous platform and it is difficult to get recognized, here are some tips that can surely help you get there.


  • Utilise YouTube Ads

The most straightforward way to promote your music is to invest in YouTube ads. These ads appear on your target audience’s homepage and may broadcast before, during or after another video. If you are a new YouTuber, it makes sense to invest small amounts and then gradually move forward with expanding your budget. 

Here’s a beginners guide to YouTube AdSense.


  • Avail professional help to grow channel

Platforms like Flintzy has helped countless YouTuber organically grow their channel and reach their desired target audience. We utilise every marketing platform to help your channel get more visibility.

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  • Collaborations

A tip as old as time but has always come through. Collaboration is a sure shot way to increase views and subscribers. When you collaborate with another artist, they bring not only their talent to the table but also their own viewership and followers. 

Learn what type of YouTubers you should collaborate with.


  • Use all social media platforms

Merely relying on YouTube for video promotion is not enough. Social media platforms can be a great tool for promoting your music channel. Upload small excerpts of your song, teaser to your music video or a behind the scene sneak peek to get people interested in your channel. 

Learn how to use Instagram to promote your YouTube channel.


  • Use reels and shorts

Instagram reels and YouTube shorts have way more visibility than normal posts and videos. Make dance reels and shorts using your songs to create a trend. Keep sharing some behind the scene videos and your story behind the music. This will help you attract more and more people to your channel. 

  • Keywords and thumbnails

Another tip as old as time but still effective. Keywords and thumbnails go a long way in reaching a larger audience on YouTube. A viewer forms their first impression based on the thumbnail. The more captivating the thumbnail, the more interested the viewer is. Keywords help YouTube understand the type of content you create and who your target audience is, thereby getting you the appropriate viewership. 

Learn how to use thumbnails and keywords to grow your music channel.

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