How To Start a Movie Reviewing Channel?

YouTube can be a great platform for people who wish to showcase their movie analysis abilities. Movie review videos can be great for anyone. From college students to people who want to see if the movie is worth going out for. So how can one start a movie reviewing channel?

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  • Pick out popular titles

It always makes sense to pick out titles that are most popular or trending at the time. Research the movies that are famous at a given time, identify the genre and review accordingly. Reviewing more known titles in the beginning will allow you to create a foundational base which will then let you explore the obscure titles.


  • Take into account different types of audience

When reviewing a movie, ensure that your video caters to all kinds of audience. For instance, if you are reviewing a horror movie, state that while it may be a great movie, it may not please people who prefer romcoms over thrillers. This will help you tap into a larger audience with different niche preferences. 


  • Make a checklist

The more thorough your review is, the more attention it will attract. When reviewing a movie, prepare a checklist on the several points that you can cover while reviewing the movie. An average checklist may include a background on the cast, the genres explored, summary of the movie, the ending and character sketches. The more you learn about this niche, the more detailed your analysis will get. 


  • Collaborate with other film buffs

A tip as old as time. Collaboration has time and again proven to be a great way to exponentially increase your views. Inviting another movie buff to your channel is a great way to overall enhance the quality of content. You can play movie trivia games with your guests or share different perspectives on a certain title. 


  • Expand your purview

Instead of merely reviewing movies, go above and beyond and make your channel a one stop destination for everything movie related. This can include coming up with alternative endings to popular movies and shows, how a movie would have turned out with different actors or the character developments that changed the trajectory of a movie. The options are endless.


  • Do your research

An absolute no brainer of a tip. Make sure you do not get any factual information incorrect. Keep your opinion or evaluation of the movie separate from the facts. Getting every objective detail right goes a long way in building credibility among your viewers.

One should ensure that you’re not merely getting into reviewing movies to get more views or subscribers. You have to have the right analytical mindset and moreover interest in this niche. Following these tips will help you channel your passion for movies. 

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