Why Small YouTube channels don’t Go Viral? Everything you need to know

There is so much that goes behind the success of a YouTube channel. From constant efforts to just sheer luck, anything can make a channel go viral. For a change of tone, instead of discussing what makes a channel go viral, let us take a look at why small channels are not able to go viral on YouTube.

  • Excessive competition

YouTube is one of the leading video streaming platforms in the world. That did not happen overnight. Millions of people uploaded their content on this platform that enabled it to reach the stage it is currently at. This led to excessive competition. In a sea of extremely popular content, it may be difficult for small channels to stand out.


  • Algorithm

YouTube’s algorithm primarily promotes content that has a higher engagement rate, such as likes, comments, and shares. If a small channel has few subscribers or viewers, it will naturally struggle to further grow as the algorithm will not work in its favour. 


  • Production quality

Often small channels do not have the budget to improve their content’s production quality. This includes props, hiring editors, investing in better sound equipment and so on. The lack thereof contributes to the subsequent lack of engagement for the small channels.

Here’s everything you need to know about video production to make it big on YouTube.


  • Niche content

Some small channels may have a very niche audience, which can limit their potential for viral growth. While niche content can be highly engaging for a specific audience, it may not have the mass appeal necessary to go viral. Competitor research will help you recognize what kind of content people find more engrossing.


  • Luck

A bread tipping over, in theory, should not be funny. Yet this video has gained over 4 Million views on YouTube.

You never know what might resonate with the audience. Which is where luck comes into play. What one person doesn’t find amusing, might appeal to millions of other viewers. As ambiguous it may sound, sometimes getting viral just happens. 


YouTube is a large platform. With billions of hours of content, making it big and standing out may prove to be difficult. If you feel like despite your constant efforts, your channel is not yielding great results, consider seeking help from professionals. Flintzy has helped countless YouTubers find the right niche for their channel and reach the right audience. Flintzy will organically grow your channel and enable it to reach new levels of virality. Visit flintzy.com to know more about our services. 


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