YouTube Partner Program’s New Monetization Rules

YouTube has decided to shake things up a bit. In light of the introduction and advancement of YouTube Shorts, YouTube has modified its YouTube Partner Program contract. This has been done to open the door for creators to join the YPP and earn money. 

YouTube has rolled out new eligibility requirements for all the Shorts creators out there along with certain adjustments to the YouTube Partner Program terms. Here’s everything you need to know: 

  • What are the new terms?

YouTube is rolling out a new modular system that will give you more creative and financial freedom to work on formats like Shorts and Super. Any creator who’s already a member of the YouTube Partner Program or wishes to join must agree to the Base Terms. The Base Terms are the basic YPP terms that cover things like how YouTube pays you. These also include content policies and new terms like country pass-throughs and rights clearance adjustments

  • Monetization Modules

However, to kickstart your earnings, you will also need to agree to the terms for specific monetization modules aka contracts:

  1. Watch Page Monetization Module 
  2. Shorts Monetization Module
  3. Commerce Product Addendum (CPA)

  • Watch Page Monetization Module

By accepting this module, you can enable monetization features on your Watch Page. This includes pages on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids that are designed for playing long-form or hosting live-streaming videos. 

If you want to earn your ad revenue from your long-form videos and YouTube Premium, you need to agree to the Watch Page Monetization Module. These also include embedded videos on other websites using the YouTube Video Player. 

If you are already a member of the YPP, you’ll have to accept this module to keep making money from ads displayed on the Watch Page.

  • Shorts Monetization Module

The Shorts Monetization Module lets you earn money from ads that pop up between your Shorts as well as from YouTube Premium revenue. To start earning ad revenue on your Shorts views, YPP members will need to accept the Base Terms and Shorts Monetization Module. 

This earning potential began on February 1, 2023. If you still haven’t accepted the Shorts Monetization Module after February 1,  your Shorts ad revenue will kick in from the date you accept the module. 

You won’t be paid for any Shorts views you receive before accepting this Module. So, to start earning from your shorts, accept these terms as soon as possible.

  • Commerce Product Addendum (CPA)

You can make money with the Fan Funding feature thanks to the Commerce Product Addendum. With this feature, you can earn money while interacting with your fans!

These features include channel memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. By accepting the CPA, you can access these features and benefit from the revenue they generate.

  • Deadline

YouTube has set a deadline to review and accept these terms. If you don’t accept Base Terms by July 10th, 2023, your channel will be removed from YPP. If you want back in, you will have to reapply and requalify all over again.

These new terms only apply to monetized channels. You can review the terms and accept all or some of these modules. Go ahead and accept all of them to get your monetization game on! 

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